Sunday, 20 April 2014

EASTER FIGHT NIGHT SPECIAL ... Malteasers MaltEaster vs MerryTeaser

The ultimate Maltesers battle is on ladies and gentlemen!!!

As the years go by we are finding that Christmas and Easter chocolate stocks are progressively overlapping in our local UK supermarkets!

No greater evidence of this is this fun little feature we have put together for you all today - MaltEaster vs MerryTeaser!!

As we are are sure you are all aware these are the seasonal 'Limited Edition' chocolates from Mars's Maltesers brand. Well for the first time ever one of our beady eyed team members spotted BOTH being sold in our local Tesco at the same time. Being the curious folk we are we had to investigate whether they were the same; apart from the obvious Easter Bunny / Christmas Reindeer shape of course!!


To our great shock the on-pack details were actually slightly different. Both were 29.0g and 156 calories, but the fat content per 100.0g was a SHOCKING 0.1g higher for the Reindeer. Further investigation revealed this was due to there being more malt filling in the Reindeer - 31.0% vs the 30% in the Bunny!


So with the weigh-in complete the fight was on!! Taste test time!!

Guess what people!? No difference at all between the two. They tasted identical - milky sweet outer chocolate and a very tasty malty centre with little bits of rice cereal in for textural interest.

RESULT: .... Unanimous DRAW

We love these MaltEaster / MerryTeaser chocolates and always look forward to them coming out during their seasonal times. Whilst the showdown may have been a no-contest the real winners are us if the two products continue to overlap as much as they do! We say bring on the Halloween version for all year round provision!

Friday, 18 April 2014

April 18th: Easter 2014 Bits & Bobs

It's been a long time since we last did you all a Bits & Bobs ChocolateMission special but the Easter season has given us the opportunity to make amends.

Today we are going to looks at some of the NEW smaller treats on offer from Kinder, Thorntons and Lindt. Sit back, relax and enjoy some Easter fun filled mini reviews.

Kinder Chocolate Ladybug
Kcal ? Fat ? Fat(sats) Carbs ?

Ladybugs!? Easter!? We see how they link in with the Spring season but they aren't the first thing you think of when contemplating the Easter season are they!? This 15.0g treat came with a £0.60p RRP and was described on the label as 'fine milk chocolate with a whole milk filling'. Aesthetically it was a little disappointing with only the Kinder logo moulded into the figurine shaped chocolate piece. The chocolate itself tasted super, super sweet and sugary. Is it us or is Kinder chocolate getting increasingly sweeter!? The low 14.5% cocoa solids would suggest it might not just be our imagination. One for the sweet toothed or smaller kiddies.

6.3 out of 10

Lindt Bunny Paw
Kcal 550 Fat 33.0g Fat(sats) 20.0g Carbs 55.0g

Joining the usual Lindt Lindor Chocolate Eggs (See HERE) we this year see the arrival of this Lindt Bunny Paw. This 20.0g single chocolate treat was one we bought on special offer in our local supermarket where they had them 3 for £1.00. Carrying the simple description of just 'milk chocolate' the shape looked impressive out the packet with both the Lindt logo and paw design embossed on the chocolate piece. Taste wise it was what we expected from Lindt. A decent standard of milk chocolate melted with a silky smoothness and the full three bites it took to consume all delivered a plethora of sweet cocoa and dairy cream flavours. If you like Lindt chocolate but not the texture of Lindor then these Bunny Paws should see you well this Easter.

8.0 out of 10

Thorntons Harry Hopalot
Kcal 573 Fat 38.0g Fat(sats) 26.0g Carbs 51.0g

Last but by no means least the Harry Hopalot jumps on to the scene this Easter offering a 'milk chocolate mould with chocolate truffle centre'. Design wise we liked the packaging and were similarly impressed by the chocolate piece itself with the bunny print clearly and cleanly cut into the chocolate surface. Weighing in at 24.0g the piece was the largest out of the three we consumed for the reviews today, though the smooth, fast melting centre meant it wasn't something we thought came across after consumption. Flavour wise the chocolate and truffle centre were no different to one another. The milk chocolate offered a decent amount sweet chocolatey cocoa taste experience but we thought it wasn't quite as creamy and luxurious as the Lindt Bunny Paw. A decent, fun looking option from Thorntons but there are superior Bunnys on offer this Easter.

7.5 out of 10

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

April 16th: Kit Kat Baked Pudding Flavour

Kcal 64 Fat 3.6g Carbs 7.4f (per 11.6g mini)

You just know the product in question has to have come from JList when you find yourself looking it up on the internet to verify whether it's an April Fools joke or not! Well that's exactly the situation we found ourselves in earlier this month when we were offered the opportunity to review these all new Kit Kat Baked Pudding Flavour. After establishing Peter @Jlist was very much for real there was no way on earth we were turning this one down.

To undertake the first ever ChocolateMission requiring an oven we were sent a large multi-bar pack that contained 13 mini Kit Kats (each 11.6g) inside. Aside from the on-pack cues the Kit Kats themselves looked no different to any other mini white chocolate Kit Kats we've been sent from Japan before. Out the pack they smell of subtle vanilla - nice enough but seriously not in the same league as to what was later fill our nostrils after a little spot of baking.

So how on earth do you cook a Kit Kat!? Were we seriously going to do this!? As crazy as it sounds we got the oven heated to 180 and proceeded to place the Kit Kats on a sheet of foil and then on to a baking tray.

we then placed the tray in the oven for around 4 minutes ...and just look what happened ...

WOW - they looked exactly like they did on the pack with the white chocolate cutting an uber appealing golden glow. They look great, but like we said above they smelt absolutely out of this world! They smelt like fresh vanilla pastry cakes out of a bakery - honestly we can't do them enough justice.

We simply couldn't wait to get stuck in we after what seemed the longest 5 minute cooling period we gave them the taste test. Boy oh boy did they taste amazing! Compared to usual Kit Kats the wafer had been transformed into a biscuit like form. It was extra crunchy and extra tasty with it's stronger wheat biscuit flavours. The white chocolate was sweet but had a strong vanilla undertone to it which complimented the new found biscuityness very well indeed. One of these mini Kit Kats wasn't enough yet two seemed like plenty!

Overall these Kit Kat Baked Pudding Flavour are probably the best ever Kit Kats we've been sent from Japan. Those who have been following the site for the past 5/6 years will know that isn't a light statement to make considering just how many we've tried over the years. The idea of baking a Kit Kat sounds ridiculous but having reviewed these now we more think it's more genius than anything else. This is one of those things you really have to try for yourself before you really start believing that it works. We can't recommend these enough - well worthy of an @ChocMission rating of it's rating of 9.2 out of 10.

9.2 out of 10

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Competition Time - Win a Chocolate Making Workshop Experience Day!!

Hi All

To celebrate the incoming Easter holidays we are having an onsite competition for all @ChocMission readers!!

Our pals Virgin Experience Days are offering you readers the fantastic opportunity to learn how chocolate is made with this awesome Chocolate Making Workshop Experience Day ... here are the details ...

'Cut, dip and decorate your own Chocolate creations with this Organic Chocolate Making Workshop in London, Brighton or Manchester. You will learn new chocolate crafting skills and gain knowledge which you can later use to impress your friends and family. You may become the new chocolatier star and participate in the 2015 Chocolate Festival.'

What is included?
Your chocolatier will start the class off by providing an interesting insight into the history and process of chocolate, explaining each step from cocoa bean to bar. You can enjoy the taste of cocoa in its natural state and then try a variety of different quality and exotically flavoured chocolate. The two of you can even take part in giant chocolate button competition to win a prize for best creation. Your chocolatier will demonstrate how to make a dark chocolate ganache and you will then have the opportunity to make your own. You should leave with lots of tasty handmade treats – providing you don’t eat them all during your class.

There can only be 1 lucky winner, so what are you waiting for?

To enter the competition just click HERE and follow the simple instructions.

Good luck to everyone entering! Remember to Share with your friends on Twitter!!


Monday, 14 April 2014

April 14th: Cadbury Easter Range 2014

If you are looking for divine innovation, the range from Cadbury this year isn't altogether that inspiring. Such is the case we thought we would keep it short and just leave you with some rather tempting photos of what is going to be on offer this year.... 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Hoppy Bunny 
Kcal 530 Fat 30.5g Carbs 57.0g

Remember the Cadbury Dairy Milk Winter Wonderland bar - (See HERE)??? Well here it is once again just with a Easter twist! 

A simple swap of the white chocolate Christmas Trees for some white chocolate Bunnies and we have a totally *NEW* LIMITED EDITION Cadbury Dairy Milk Hoppy Bunny offering - Genius ... errr yeah! 
If this wasn't a deal sweetened by the fact it is still fundamentally Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate we would probably have of had a bigger. Some things just aren't worth getting up set over though are they! If you love your Dairy Milk we are sure you won't care all that much either.  

Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Bunny
Kcal 100 Fat 5.4g Fat(sats) 3.2g Carbs 11.5g

The Caramel Bunny is back and supposedly with a totally NEW shape!??? We've been cross-checking with the one we reviewed back in 2010 in our 'Battle of the Bunnies' feature (See HERE) and we are failing to see how the bunny is any different!?

That was until we noticed the fact that the bunnies are now sold individually for £0.40 when they used to be £0.50 for two. That's really not cool Cadbury! 

Cadbury Dairy Milk with Daim Mini Eggs

Just incase you missed our review a few weeks ago you can see what we thought of the Cadbury Dairy Milk with Daim Mini Eggs HERE

We've had a moan or two today about the lack of innovation and downsizing of some of the rest of the range but since reviewing these way back at the start of January we've indulged plenty more times. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already. 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

April 12th: Guest Post - "Make Your Own Chocolate Eggs" kit ...

Last week we were offered a free 'Make Your Own Chocolate Eggs' kit by who have partnered themselves with Choconchoc. Being a family website we thought this would be a cool weekend activity for one of the team to undertake with their kiddies - making his @ChocMission debut ChocolateMission taste tester Pete wrote us the following write up of his experience with the kit ... he even documented the process with some photos!

“Make Your Own Chocolate Eggs”

This is a fantastic product which is a fun task for the family – assuming you can resist eating the rich molten chocolate as the layers set! The chocolate is high quality with a rich and creamy taste.

Once melted, the chocolate is a thick, appealing consistency and applies well to the provided moulds. The chocolate layers set relatively quickly (a few minutes) before the next layer can be applied. Decorating the eggs with the provided sweets was particularly entertaining.

Overall I was really impressed with the quality of ingredients and ease of use, enabling all of the family to remain engaged and enjoy the egg making process! Great Product!

Thanks again to Pete for his write up! It certainly looks like this was a fun activity for him and his family. Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, 11 April 2014

April 11th: Part 2 - Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix-Ups with Maynards

After Monday's success with the Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix-Ups with Oreo the pressure was on this Cadbury Dairy Milk Mix-Ups with Maynards to live up to similar standards. This all NEW mixture combined some of our all time favourite products in the Mondelez (still sounds wrong to say that!!) portfolio - Cadbury Dairy Milk Nibbles, Cadbury chocolate covered fudge and Maynards fruit jellies (think cross breed of Sports Mixture and Wine Gums!!)

Kcal 430 Fat 14.0g Fat(sats) 8.0g Carbs 72.0g (per 100.0g)

As was the case with the Oreo mixture from Monday the product out the bag looked great with the fruit jellies really making each handful into the bag colourful and unique. Each of the different elements of the mix were equally portioned - that's another positive we forgot to mention about the Oreo mixture we featured the other day!

A slight downside that a few of the team mentioned about this Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix-Ups with Maynards mix was that it did make for some very sticky fingers! Both the caramel seeping out the Nibbles and the jelly pieces meant things were a little messy - maybe this isn't the best mixture to eat on the move!? Despite that little grievance taste and texture wise this combination of Cadbury favourites was a dream! The Cadbury Caramel Nibbles instant familiar buttery toffee tones to the reliable Dairy Milk flavours. The firmer fudge pieces were equally as tasty adding a chocolatey butterscotch element once chewed. More often than not the jelly pieces were last to be encountered with their far slower melting, longer lasting textures. They added an interesting twist to the chocolate elements in the mixture - we thought this was a great change up to what we are used to.

Overall we thought this was a unique and very cool proposition. We have to give Cadbury a thumbs up for both these Marvellous Mix-Ups pouches. Both of them offer something we've not seen before and the combinations are pretty spot on in terms of creating exciting and tasty experiences. Lets us know if you are excited to try these new mixtures @ChocMission - any views welcome!

8.5 out of 10  


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