Friday, 28 November 2014

November 28th: Hotel Chocolat Christmas Jumper

Hearing the words 'Christmas Jumper' may send a shiver down many spine each Christmas time but in 2014 Hotel Chocolat are looking to change all that. As you may have clocked by the title today Hotel Chocolat have indeed named one of their new products for their 2014 Christmas range, the Hotel Chocolat Christmas Jumper. It cheekily has the description of being 'The season's must-have slab in milk chocolate'; we all thought that was rather cute :)

So what constitutes a 'season's must-have' Christmas Jumper in the eyes of Hotel Chocolat? Well it involves a 100.0g slab of milk chocolate decorated with a very cute looking white chocolate penguin figurine. The packaging is very endearing with the outline of a jumper inhabited by the inner chocolate slab design - take a look at the pic you will see what we mean!

As cute as the packaging was we didn't need too much encouragement letting the slab loose from it's box and getting stuck in to the slab. Inside the slab was contained with a simple plastic cellophane packet. Once this was undone we were greeted with some very familiar and yummy Hotel Chocolat cocoa scents and smells. Taste wise we totally knew what to expect here. The 40% milk chocolate was it's ever consistent amazing deliciousness with creamy cocoa flavours aplenty and the dense thick melt providing a luxurious mouth feel. The white decorative proved itself to be more than decoration with it's vanilla flavours bringing further depth and variety to the flavour party.

Overall thought this may be a somewhat basic Hotel Chocolat product it is still an undoubtedly tasty one and should be considered as perfect gifting material for consumers who prefer plainer chocolate offering. If we were being uber picky we would have loved them to embrace the Christmas theme further by incorporating something like cinnamon or orange to the party to further push the Christmas aspect a little more. Is this being picky!? How would you have made this a little more Christmassy!? Let us know @ChocMission.

7.8 out of 10

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

November 26th: Glico Purple Murasaki-imo Pocky Midi

Kcal 111 Fat 6.4g Carbs 12.3g (per 20.2g pack)

We have reviewed many, many obscure items from our pals over @Jlist before but the product we are reviewing today has to have a good shout as one of the more bizarre. To be honest the looks of anticipation of the faces of the @ChocMission taste test team weren't quite the same as when they have previously the likes of the latest Hotel Chocolat product to try :) Today they were faced with these Glico Purple Murasaki-imo Pocky Midi - or in plain English Purple Potatoe flavoured Pocky biscuit sticks :)

These unique Pocky aren't of the standard sort and are actually part of the 'Midi' Pocky sub brand. Midi Pocky are smaller in length but stubbier, wider and with thicker flavoured coatings. Looks wise they certainly didn't fail to intrigue. As with tall Japanese products the packaging was beautiful with thick cardboard box containing three packs of the short stubby sticks.

As you can see from the photos the purple aspect of the potatoe flavour theme wasn't lost on the sticks themselves. The coating that covered them meant they had a very unique look - maybe a little off-putting for some but the biscuity vanilla hinted aromas were enough to convince the team they were edible. Although cautious the taste test commenced and the team had mixed opinions on what they discovered. The taste of the coating was creamy and sweet at first, though as the melt progressed a starchy savoury note developed amongst the buttery wheat biscuit of the base sticks. The taste split the team down the middle with some enjoying the sweet and savoury contrast whilst others saying they would have more enjoyed a consistent sweetness.

Overall the bizarreness of these Glico Purple Murasaki-imo Pocky Midi come more in the concept and proposition rather than their actual taste. The purple potatoe flavour sounds like something that just shouldn't be fit for consumption to us Westerners though further research shows it's actually eaten as a common sweet snack in the Far East. Whatever the situation these Glico Purple Murasaki-imo Pocky Midi were well liked by a good portion of the team therefore we would have no hesitation recommending them if they have tickled your intrigue - would you like to give them a go yourself? Let us know @ChocMission.

7.9 out of 10

Monday, 24 November 2014

November 24th: Kit Kat Toffee Treat

Kcal 108 Fat 5.0g Fat(sats) 3.4g Carbs 13.0g

As sad as it sounds one of the things that gets the @ChocMission team most excited is the prospect of trying an all new flavour of Kit Kat. Here in the UK this is a pretty uncommon occurrence, we are lucky to see one new flavour a year, quite a stark contrast to the hundreds upon hundreds (exaggeration much!?) that they get in the likes of Japan. Well folks hold the front pages - we have an all NEW flavour of Kit Kat now available in most good UK supermarkets - the Kit Kat Toffee Treat.

Indeed in our local Tesco supermarket we found these Kit Kat Toffee Treat on sale in the multipack chocolate biscuit shelves. They come in the two-finger 'lunch box' from, we aren't aware at the time of writing that they are going to be available in any different size pack. After parting away with just a single pound of our hard earned cash we went about taste testing these during one of our many office coffee breaks.

Packaged in the very cool, now retro like foil and paper sleeve wrapping the Kit Kat had an interesting appearance. The duel coloured chocolate wafer fingers came described as 'two crispy fingers covered in a blend of toffee flavour white and dark chocolate, with a milk chocolate base' and they looked and smelt fantastic with some nice chocolatey caramel scents of offer. Taste wise the team had mixed feelings. For some the chocolate coating was way too sweet, it wasn't at the level of throat scorching sweetness but it was very sugary and this put some of us off. On the flip side however some of us loved the contrast of the sweet buttery chocolate and savoury biscuit like wafer. One thing we we all agreed in on is that as fully fledged adults the two finger snack felt a little on the small side.

Overall these Kit Kat Toffee Treat really had us split down the middle -there's a pun in there somewhere. Your liking of these will depend on whether you like sweet chocolate or not. If you are a fan of the stuff then there is no reason whatsoever you wont enjoy these. If however your tastes are more suited to the darker end of the chocolate tasting sale you will likely struggle with these. The Toffee Treat aspect brings a whole burnt sugar like set of flavours to the table - as we said already some will love it and some will wish Kit Kat left it in the locker altogether. Let us know what you guys think over @ChocMission.

7.6 out of 10

Friday, 21 November 2014

Did you know that is only 5 WEEKS until Christmas day!!

We hope we haven’t panicked you, after all there are all there are some great times and treats to be had in the upcoming weeks.

Whether it’s the long winter walks through your local park, seeing your local town Christmas lights being switched on or just generally having fun with the friends and family; the month of December brings great times for us all.

But let’s be honest, for most of us there is always something nagging thing at the back of all of our minds isn’t there – yep ….buying presents is no stress-free activity!

Here @ChocMission we are just like all of you guys. All of us in the team finding buying presents a hard thing to do – especially in our line of work where pretty much all our friends and family expect us to give them the BEST confectionery gifts ever.

Luckily for us we kinda like to think we know what we are talking about, especially when it comes to advising you on picking out your presents for the people you know with a sweet tooth.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be informing you all of some of the best chocolate related Christmas gifts that we have had the pleasure of checking out over the past few weeks.

We are going to be bringing you all our thoughts on some of the best Christmas Hampers, advent calendars, chocolate stocking gifts and of course the seasonal chocolate selection boxes that will be doing the rounds in some of the best chocolate brands in the UK and beyond.

Make sure you stay tuned to ChocolateMission for the next few weeks – we are taking requests so drop us a note with any requests you might have.

Get ready for a great Christmas 2014

November 21st: Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Baubles

Christmas is sooner than you think folks! Before you know it the tinsel will be out and we will all be doing that last minute dash down the shops for that one present we've forgotten to buy. Luckily for you folks we've got it all in hand for you! As is the case every Christmas time we are going to be giving you the most thorough reporting possible on the great and the good of Hotel Chocolat's Christmas range for 2014. The product taking the spotlight today are the Hotel Chocolat Christmas Baubles.

This pack of seven chocolates comes described as a 'selection of milk, white and dark chocolate truffles' and weighs in at a total of 75.0g. We are going to be finding ourselves saying this a lot over the coming weeks but we were massively impressed by the packaging. The silver and white coloured theme gave a premium look and feel and the bauble chocolates themselves looked similarly impressive on the eye.

With the @ChocMission team containing aficionados of all three chocolate types we left each of the different kinds to the respective 'experts'. As suspected they played back nothing but positive things with the textural mouth feel of all three a commonality in their feedback. The white chocolate was lauded for it's vanilla noted creamyness, whilst the milk and dark received equally positive comments regarding their finely balanced cocoa strength and prowess. The ganache centres could of perhaps been a little more adventurous however there were no comments from the team demanding anything more.

Overall your going to have to start getting used to this for next few weeks but we can only give these Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Baubles the big thumbs up. The whole team enjoyed the different flavour experiences on offer from the sweet white chocolate to the more acquired tasting dark chocolate. Whilst this my not be one of the more adventurous flavoured Christmas chocolate selections on offer this year if it is for a plainer tasting experience you are after we would suggest you head in the direction of these Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Baubles.

8.1 out of 10

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sainsbury's Belgian Milk Chocolate - Royal British Legion

We wanted you use our post today to raise awareness to all of our readers of this Sainsbury's Belgian Milk Chocolate which they are currently selling on behalf of the Royal British Legion. 

The Royal British Legion provides practical, emotional and financial support to all members of the British Armed Forces past and present, and their famalie's.

Sainsburys's have been supporters of the Royal British Legion for 20 years and all profits from the sale of these £1.00 chocolate bars will go to the UK's leading armed forces charity. 

The chocolate isn't the best but the thought behind it certainly is ....

Kcal 92 Fat 5.9g Fat(sats) 3.7g Carbs 8.0g 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Bidvest 3663 Search for the Ultimate Bacon Butty

This week our cooking challenge was supplied to us by the folks at Bidvest3663 - could we here @ChocMission make the Ultimate Bacon Butty??

...well of course we could! We had the power of chocolate on our side :-) Take a look below for our special recipe:

Bacon Sarnie with chilli-choc ketchup on homemade garlic and rosemary focaccia

1 Bread - homemade garlic and rosemary focaccia

2. Bacon - dry cured unsmoked back bacon

3. Method of cooking - grilling

4. Sauce - homemade chilli-choc ketchup made with Lindt dark chilli chocolate (review See HERE)

5. Salad - no chance!

6. Special tips - Bread cook it first thing in the morning or the night before so it has time to cool before you cut it. Bacon - it needs to be ultra crispy or if not then the fat removed as it will be slimy and soggy

and here is the master piece ......

What do you think? Do you think we are in with a shot of winning this Bidvest3663 challenge?

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