Monday, 29 September 2014

September 29th: Oreo Mint Fudge Cremes

Kcal 180 Fat 9.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 25.0g (per 3 cookies)

We have good news and bad news today folks! The bad news is that we've come to the end of our latest Oreo stacked sampling package from our good friends @AmericanSoda :( :( Booo! The good news is that we kept the very best until last - these simply amazing Oreo Mint Fudge Cremes. These 'fudge covered chocolate cookies with mint flavoured creme' are the latest flavour we have tried from Oreo's alternative Fudge Cremes range. Given how much we loved the originals we couldn't wait to try them.

We received the Mint Fudge Cremes in the same manner we did all the other Oreo variants we've been trying recently - in a 320.0g pack containing just over 25 cookies. If anything disappointed us just a little with these cookies it was the fact that presentation wise they looked absolutely no different to the original variant. Thankfully this still meant they looked rather awesome and the mint influence was instantly detectable once the packet seal was open.

Normally the taste test team take a few days to get through a packet of cookies this size but this wasn't the case with these Oreo Mint Fudge Cremes. They were opened in the morning and were gone by 5pm - I think that tells you everything about how much they enjoyed them. The chocolate and cookie portions were as expected - establishing familiar Oreo chocolate and buscuity flavours from the outset. As one would expect the real star of the show here was the mint flavour creme. It had just about the right about peppermint kick to it, making it fresh, minty (duh) and lovely and sweet with it's melty texture. These cookies were moreish to the max - I think the least any of us had at one time was three.

Overall we can't advocate these Oreo Mint Fudge Cookies enough. They were highly reminiscent of some of the other fantastic mint flavoured Oreo we have previously reviewed - the Oreo Mint Double Stuff and Oreo Mint Candy Cane live long in the memory as some of the most outstanding cookies we have ever tried. To our great delight these Oreo Mint Fudge Cookies can definitely lay claim to be in the same ballpark. If you are a chocolate mint and Oreo fan you simply need to get involved. These come highly recommended.

8.5 out of 10

Friday, 26 September 2014

September 26th: Lindt Excellence Lime Intense

Kcal 519 Fat 31.0g Fat(sats) 18.0g Carbs 50.0g (per 100.0g)

Whenever the @ChocMission team hear that a new Lindt Excellence bar has hit the supermarket shelves there is always a great deal of excitement amongst us all. We regard the Lindt Excellence range as one of the most consistent in terms of it's quality, you need only check out the review archive to see just how many of the Lindt Excellence bars have scored really well on @ChocMission rating system. This week some of our team got to try this all new Lindt Excellence Lime Intense bar.

We found this new 100.0g bar on sale in our local Tesco store where it was price on a full range 2 for £3 deal. We picked up this new flavour along with another (more to follow on that next week ;) haha!) and we were excited to see that Lindt had paired their dark chocolate with an all new fruit flavour we had not seen it paired with before. On the pack it came described as fine dark chocolate with pieces of lime zest.

Taking the chocolate out of it's very impressive looking packaging we were immediately set on by some lovely fruity citrus scents. The chocolate looked a little bumpy on it's underside however there were no other obvious visual indications of the lime element. Tasting the chocolate it was fast developing in terms of it's flavours, much more so than original Lindt dark chocolate. The initial unsweetened cocoa flavours were soon influenced by a strong, sweet acidic fruitiness. It wasn't immediately identifiable as lime though the aftertaste was certainly of a citrusy nature.

Overall the team enjoyed this Lindt dark chocolate flavour variation though we wouldn't collectively classify it as one of their better ones. The change up on the original dark chocolate whilst interesting wasn't the most complimentary and it soon wore off it terms of it's novelty factor. Whilst it was by far abad chocolate in any sense we agreed that we wouldn't ever swap it for some of the other amazing chocolates in the Lindt Excellence range. Perhaps worth a try but unlikely to be a repeat purchase for us.

7.8 out of 10

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

September 24th: Hotel Chocolat Squirrel's Stash

We told you guys all last week that Summer was over and the Autumn has well an truly set in. Well to stave off our post Summer blues we've been consoling ourselves with all the latest treats we've managed to get our hands on from our friends over @HotelChocolat. Taking the limelight today is their all new Hotel Chocolat Squirrel's Stash - a product so woefully described on pack as 'a collection of filled chocolates' .... how terribly understated.

The 60.0g pack comprised of 5 chocolates - 2 creamy caramel-filled Walnuts and 2 pralines filled hazelnuts. On the face of things they looked fantastic. The plastic packet, plastic black tray combo wasn't the most intuitive of wrapper combinations however the actual chocolate pieces were some of the best looking we've ever seen from Hotel Chocolat. The two tone walnut chocolates and lighter coloured marbled hazelnuts just looked so creative and deliciously tempting - we couldn't wait to get stuck in.

We first tried the larger 'walnut pieces'. These were a combination of dark and milk chocolate outer portions and softer praline innards. They got many positive remarks on the taste panel with most commenting on the lovely contrasting of sweet milk chocolate and unsweetend cocoa of the rawer 54% dark chocolates. The hazelnut pieces however drew the most praise. The creamy outer chocolate shells, softer inner praline and wholenut hazelnuts at their centre got all round acclaim from one and all. You wont be surprise to hear this pack of chocolates didn't last all that long in the hands of the taste test team.

Overall these Hotel Chocolat Squirrel's Stash chocolates got the big time thumbs up from the @ChocMission team. Although the collection may only offer the two different options both were so delicious in their own right the only disappointment with them came when the pack was finished. If we had to pick a favourite out of the two our allegiance would lie with the smaller white chocolate hazelnut pralines but that loyalty would be severely tested if presented with that question. Why don't you give them a try yourself and let us know which you preferred @ChocMission.

8.9 out of 10

Monday, 22 September 2014

September 22nd: Cadbury Roses Limited Edition Sharing Bags

Golden Barrels - Kcal 103 Fat 5.0g Fat(sats) 2.9g Carbs 13.5g (per 2 chocolates)
Strawberry Dreams - Kcal 103 Fat 3.7g Fat(sats) 2.2g Carbs 16.5g (per 2 chocolates)

It's not a real Christmas without a Cadbury Roses tin doing the rounds in our @ChocMission offices. We love pretty much all Cadbury chocolate but even with us seasoned Cadbury lovers we do have our favourites when it comes to the famous Roses selection. Cadbury to their credit have managed to pick the flavours we have our strongest opinions on for their new Limited Edition Cadbury Roses sharing bags.

For a limited time only here in the UK you will be able to buy these new Golden Barrels and Strawberry Dreams chocolates on their very own. We managed to find both of these on sale in our local Co-Op shop where they were priced £1.00 each.

The Strawberry Dreams come in an 93.0g bag and are described as 'milk chocolates with a strawberry flavour fondant centre'. As soon as you open the bag you will be instantly greeted by some very familiar artificial sweet fruit smells. This is just our opinion of course but none of our four person taste team are fans of these. To a man we find them overly sweet and extremely fake tasting in regards to their strawberry flavouring. We know they have their fans but we simply aren't.

5.9 out of 10

The Golden Barrels come in an 86.0g bag and are described as milk chocolates with soft caramel fillings. Now as you can tell the @ChocMission team are big fans of these. They are without doubt our favourite Cadbury Roses chocolate so it was with great delight we learnt that these were the other Limited Edition sharing bag available. The sweet, creamy milk chocolate and buttery toffee caramel make for an incredibly moreish combination. Top marks for chocolates costing just £1.00. We are already heading bag to grab a few more bags.

8.4 out of 10

Agree or disagree with our reviews of these? Let us know what you think @ChocMission

Friday, 19 September 2014

September 19th: Hotel Chocolat Gone Nuts!

Well folks would you like the good news or the bad news? Well the bad news is that the sunny days of Summer are mostly long gone and the nights are drawing in :( The good news is that Autumn is now with us - and that means our friends over @HotelChocolat have a whole host of Autumn line chocolates for us to be trying out.

The first product we got to try from their new line up was this Hotel Chocolat Gone Nuts! slab. This came to us a single piece 100.0g form and was presented beautifully with a very cool looking golden box and inner plastic sleeve. The slab itself also looked incredibly pretty. The front facing side was a lovely looking swirl of two tone milk chocolate whilst the underbelly showcased a mixture of sparkly salt granules and chopped nuts.

The proposition of 'a solid slab of caramel chocolate and 50% milk chocolates infused with sea salt, hazelnut paste and pieces of hazelnuts' didn't sound to far departed from many of the slabs we've previously tried from Hotel Chocolat however the team were none the less encouraged by the chocolatey nutty scents that were on full display once the plastic packet was unsealed. Breaking the slab apart the chocolate yielded with a greater than expected softness which was probably due to the presence of the hazelnut paste. The taste would also further support this case as the chocolate was packed to the brim with fresh, woody hazelnut flavours. Underlying the strong hazelnut element, tones of sweet toffee caramel, creamy cocoa and salt made for a compelling, moreish taste - delicious!

Overall we are likely stating the obvious here but this Hotel Chocolat Gone Nuts! Slab was another tasty offering from Hotel Chocolat. To be honest we weren't expecting anything else but still every time we try some sort of nut themed chocolate from Hotel Chocolat we continue to be amazed at just how well they implement it into their chocolate. The hazelnut element is strong, yet not overly dominating. The balance between the chocolate and nut flavours is almost perfect and however weird it sounds it does taste very Autumnal. Get involved and tell us what you think @ChocMission.

9.0 out of 10

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

September 17th: Snickers More Choc

Kcal 241 Fat 13.1g Fat(sats) 4.5g Carbs 25.5g (per 48.0g bar)

When we first heard that Mars UK were going to be releasing three new limited editions for their Snickers range we admittedly all got a little excited here on the @ChocMission team. Our excitement was partially extinguished not short after as we soon learnt that two of the three would simply be the re-release of the 2013 Snickers Limited Editions the Snickers More Nuts and Snickers Caramel (See HERE). Optimism however was still maintained for the all new Snickers More Choc. The prospect of a Snickers 'with a more chocolatey taste' sounded good to us - this week we got to try it our for size (no pun intended - you'll see what we mean later!!).

We found this bar on sale with the other 2 Limited Editions on a 2 for £1 deal in all places a local service station. We all thought the blue wrapper looks very cool. Despite not even having the Snickers branding visible from it's shelf position the bar was instantly recognisable as a Snickers bar with the clever use of fonts acting as the most visible of brand beacons.

Unwrapping the bar all the usual delicious smelling Snickers scents came to the fore. Nuts and sweet chocolatey smells filled out nostrils - nothing in this sense was untoward at all. Taste wise it also matched out expectations. The extra chocolateyness was brought to the party by the nougat and caramel elements, the former giving a taste very reminiscent of the uber delicious US 3 Musketeers bar. The taste wasn't too far departed for an original Snickers, though it was different enough to be noticeably different proposition with the flavours less vanilla and malt centric and more chocolatey.

 - 2013

 - 2014

So all the above sounds great right!? Well yeah it is, but we got a bone to pick with Mars here. The Limited Editions this year are again smaller than they were last. The 54.0g More Caramel last year has this year shrunk to 46.0g - are we going to see a similar reduction in price!? We think not folks. The fact Mars have taken it upon themselves to call these new Limited Editions bars 'Snickers More...' just leaves us with a bit of a bad taste in our mouths. Are they good tasting chocolate bars!? Yes! Snickers satisfies!? Not so much these days Mars! What do you guys make of this downsizing? Let us know @ChocMission

7.9 out of 10

Monday, 15 September 2014

September 15th: Peanut Hottie Chocolate

Kcal 83 Fat 1.4g Fat(sats) 1.2g Carbs 17.0g (per serving 20.0g) 

To our great excitement we were this week contacted by our friends at @PeanutHottie who informed us they had an all new product for us to try. Since we first got to sample their first of it's kind original Peanut Butter hot drink back in March we've been addicted to the stuff - we still can't get enough. If you missed our original review take a look (HERE). Well this week we got word of the all new Peanut Hottie Chocolate and we got sent a very generous box of from the Peanut Hottie factory - time for a review!

Each Peanut Hottie Chocolate jar weighs in at 260.0g which according to the label should make 13 servings. The packaging looks just as cool as the original Peanut Hottie. The same orange label and jar are retained but the dark brown lid acts a clear signifier of the additional chocolate content. Upon opening the jar we noticed that the powder was significantly darker in colour and smelt more like a hot chocolate with a touch of nuttyness.

Just as with the original peanut butter flavour Peanut Hottie we made up the drink using hot milk. The powder blended beautifully without any visible lumps and dissolving beautifully into a smooth mix. The drink was notably thicker in it's viscosity and the team enjoyed it's silky smooth texture and felt it was a more substantial drink compared to the thinner original. Taste wise it matched it all expectations. It retained a beautifully buttery nuttyness and had an underlying delicious element of chocolate. It was sweet, salty and moreish to the last drop. Yum, Yum YUM!

Overall the team now has a new addiction and it's Peanut Hottie Chocolate. This stuff is so tasty it's dangerous! You will find your first instinct after taking your last gulp will be a disappointment in that you've none left. With any luck you will have bought a few jars so you can go back and stick the kettle on to just make yourself another. We can't recommend Peanut Hottie Chocolate enough - give them a follow on twitter to make sure you get the heads up on when it's coming to a store near you.

9.2 out of 10


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