December 24th: Lindt Lindor Christmas Bells

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I know it is a day early but ... Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a grand day full of presents, food, booze and of course a bit of chocolate :) As you will all be aware I have been working my way through a mountain of festive themed chocolate goodies lately - included in which were these Lindt Lindor Christmas Bells. These were basically the standard milk chocolate Lindor truffles, but in festive looking bell shapes. 

I bought these in a 3 for £1 deal in my local OneStop shop. I am not sure how this works out economically, but for £1, three provided a pretty sufficient serving size - I would hazard at guess at them being about the equivalent of four standard Lindor truffles. Each of the chocolates came wrapped in a nice looking red foil wrapper. Beneath, the chocolate included some intricate detail on its surface - including branding and detail of the bell shape. When split in half the product appeared to be well constructed with the truffle filling dispersed evenly. The chocolate had a very familiar smell. It was predominantly milky, but hints of caramel were intermittently present. As I aforementioned, three of these bells provided a very sufficient chocolate fix.

Although I really enjoyed the aesthetic look of the bell shape, I can't say I was its greatest fan when it came to eating the product. It was way to big to eat in one bite, which meant that the pieces had to be handled for a significant amount of time. Anyone who has had a Lindor product before will know how quickly they melt. Though the bells retained many of the wonderful melt in the mouth qualities of the original Lindors, they proved a tad difficult to eat as they melted nearly instantly when handled, which of course was all a bit messy. In regards to taste they were absolutely fantastic. The chocolate had very evident cocoa connotations, though was most prevalent in its rich milk flavours. The fantastic creaminess of the outer chocolate was only surpassed by the inner truffle filling that added an extra buttery impetuous to the taste. 

Overall these Bells retained all the good aspects of the original Lindor milk chocolate truffles, with the added injection of a bit of festive cheer. Although not entirely practical in their shape for eating, this can be excused as they looked fantastic. I am a huge fan of Lindor truffles, and I personally think their melt in the mouth textures are amongst the most luxurious in the market. Chances are you are reading this review after Christmas now, if this is the case I would recommend you keep a look out for these in the inevitable sales, as these are very tasty truffles indeed.

8.5 out of 10