January 10th: Hersheys Watchamacallit

Kcal 210 Fat 8g

This is my first Hershey's review having imported a load of US goodies last week. This oddly named bar the 'Watchamacallit' was formed of 'rice crispies topped with peanut butter and caramel, covered in milk chocolate' it sounded like nothing we get here in the UK.

When eating the bar I got an instant cereal crispy taste hit from the rice, which was then followed up by some buttery, nut flavours from the peanut butter. In honesty the peanut flavour was more prominent in the smell rather than the actual taste where it wasn't quite as strong as I desired. The final twist in the taste came from from the topping which provided a sweet caramel/chocolate hit. These two elements didn't seem to last overly long in the mouth though while their presence was brief it was mostly pleasant.

Overall the combinations in this product tasted great, but it just didn't feel the most substantial of chocolate bars. I probably would pay the price of £1.10 occasionally but it probably won't be a far I will frequent.

7.2 out 10