January 11th: Cadbury Crunchie

Kcal 185 Fat 7.5g Carbs 28g

Before I kick off this review I have to admit that up until a few weeks ago I had no love for this bar whatsoever.

The reason I wasn't such a big fan of it was because in the past I didn't not enjoy the toughness of the honeycomb filling, but having eaten this bar for the time in fair few years again today my opinion has changed somewhat.
The honey centre felt slightly chewier and moister than what I had previously experienced. The honeycomb felt less brittle in the mouth and this allowed the sweet honey flavours to a) last longer in the mouth and b) mix with the creamy outer chocolate that much better. Although longer lasting the honeycomb still melted on the tongue at a nice rate and the outer Dairy Milk chocolate coating similarly melted with delightful softness allowing the full expression of it's sweet, creamy flavours.

Overall not only is this a bar low in calories and fat in compared to others but it is also high in taste. I wont say it is going to be one of the highest rated bars I am ever going to review but as an option to have every now and then I would recommend it. I certainly wont be leaving it as long before I tuck into another Cadbury Crunchie.

8.6 out of 10