January 15th: Daim Bar

Kcal 167 Fat 8g

The Daim bar comes described as 'a hard caramel centre coated in milk chocolate' and it comes in bar sized 28.0g.

The hard caramel centre was quite brittle and broke easily when bitten in to. The centre itself was nice nice tasting and had a strong note of burnt caramel. I would say that the taste is quite acquired, and I would say the hint of almond may not be to everyone's liking. The outer chocolate was of a fair standard, though to be honest it had little say in the overall taste which was majoritly led by the inner caramel.

Overall whilst this was a great tasting bar and is good nutritionally, I unfortunately didn't find it in any manner substantial enough to challenge for the upper tier of chocolate mission.

6.0 out of 10