January 17th: Cadburys Dream

Kcal 250 Fat 15.0g Fat(sats) 9.3g Carbs 26.9g

Whenever I think of Cadbury, the first things that spring to mind are the words Dairy Milk, the colour purple and Britishness. Suffice to say white chocolate isn't a think Cadbury are best known for, and having tasted this bar today it is easy to see why. On the wrapper Cadbury bill this bar as being simply 'white chocolate', and it comes in 50.0g form. Speaking of the wrapper it isn't one that I think is that impressive when you compare it to the rest of the Cadbury range. If you look at the rest of the Dairy Milk variants, or any other branded Cadbury bars like the Wispa, I think they all look pretty modern - In my opinion the Dream wrapper looks like it is a generation behind the rest.

Aroma wise despite the bar being contained in a foil wrapper it was noticeably lacking in any telling smells. Unfortunately the taste itself didn't prove to be much better. Compared to even the sweet as you get Milky Bar this chocolate was like a sugar rush I have never tasted before. If white sugar was ever compact in to a bar form, this is probably what it would taste like - I found the taste very sickly just after a few blocks. Looking at the ingredients it was unsurprising to see it comprised of 30.0g of sugar - it was all too much for me.

Overall the Cadbury Dream is not a bar I would recommend, even if you are a fan of your sweet chocolates. Good quality white chocolate is hard to come by, but just as cheap alternatives like the Milky Bar offer a far creamier taste than this pure sugar experience. There are so many better white chocolates out there, it would be silly for you to waste your time and money on this poor one.

5.6 out of 10