January 24th: Hershey's Cookies n Creme

Kcal 230

When I was younger we used to take annual trips to Florida - first taking in the joys of Disney World, and then on to the more relaxed Florida Keys. One of the things that always reminds me of these trips, is todays bar - the Hershey's Cookies n Creme. Indeed, this bar became a bit of a family favourite down the years, and it even got to the point that my dad used to have to hide a stash of them from me and my sister when we would travel back to the UK. For those who have never seen this bar, it comes described as 'white chocolate with cookie bits in'.

Lightyears on from these family holidays, this bar is still available in both the US and some parts of the UK. Traditionally the Cookie's n Creme bar comes in a 42.0g, which I think is about the perfect format - anything bigger and this bar would get very sickly. The packaging has seen minor changes over the years, but the foil wrapper has never changed from the creme coloured foil material - the nice looking wrapper above is a photograph as of June 2010. Smelling the bar, a raft of sweet milky aromas set expectations for the taste suitably.

In line with the smells, the taste was very sweet yet had a very strong creamy undertone that safeguarded that sugar becoming over bearing in that taste. The cookie bits dispersed generously throughout the bar were a pleasant addition to both taste and texture. When they were chewed they added a nice bit of variety with their crunchy texture, whilst also bringing a salty, Oreo cookie like element to the party flavour wise. In it's entirety the bar itself was verging on tasting quite sickly, though it did manage to cure my chocolate craving.

Overall taking the white chocolate component of this bar in isolation I wouldn't say that it was much different (of for that matter, any better) than the Milkybar we get here in the UK. Indeed, the actual chocolate isn't of a particularly great quality, however the combination of the chocolate and the cookie pieces make for a tasty synergy of ingredients. If you are going to get an enjoyment from this chocolate at all you will have to like your chocolate on the sweet, creamy side of things. My love for this bar is mainly born out of nostalgia, but if you are a white chocolate fan you might want to give it a try.

7.2 out of 10