January 28th: Aero Bubbles Peppermint

Kcal 193 Fat 12.3g Fat(sats) 10.8g

These were a pleasant surprise.
They wernt top of my list as most wanting to try as I thought they wouldn’t be substanstial enough but was I wrong!

The bubbles feel light in the pack but when emptied you get an awful lot of them.

In colour they are intresting with the green colour and smell wise they smell as they should...minty.

Texture wise they are similar to a flake if a little lighter; they have a real gradule melt on the tongue feeling and the taste is one of the better mint chocolates avalible.
Overall above all expectations - very nice and looking at its score is challenging for a place in the top 5 of Chocolate Mission

8.6 out of 10