January 3rd: Mars Planets

Kcal 178 Fat 8.3g Carbs 24.2g

To sum these up in one word they were disappointing. It had been a long time since I had eaten a Mars bar and these did very little in encouraging me to go out and buy one.

The crunchy Malteaser like balls were…well…boring and somewhat smaller than normal Malteasers. Whilst the honeycomb pieces were small the caramel ball pieces were even smaller, and by my reckoning were not even as tasty as the pretty dysmal Toffee Poppets. Coating each piece the chocolate was of an average standard, but had a waxy texture that was slow to melt and didn't feel that nice in the mouth. The only semi interesting constituents were the nougat pieces, as they added plesant chewy texture to the equation, although they were adimeitedlly a little dull tasting.

Overall I though these Mars Planets were a little uninspiring and to be honest just plain boring. In the few packets I have eaten the nougat pieces were well over portioned, which didn't help the fact that the caramel and honeycomb pieces were already relatively small sized in comparison. I wont be having these again in the near future.

5.2 out of 10