January 6th: Cadburys Caramel

Kcal 225 Fat 11.5g Fat(sats) 6.5g Carbs 22.9

This has always been one of my long term favourite chocolate bars, and I have loved it ever since I can remember. This bar always brings back many a nostalgic feeling and I feel it has changed very little in both appearance and taste over the years.

For the purpose of this review I bought this bar in the morning and gave it a good few hours in the fridge for the caramel to firm up, thus making it less messy when dividing it up. (Great tip - trust me on this!!). In regards to packaging the wrapper has changed many times over the last few years but Iam glad that Cadbury made the decision mid 2009 to return to the Cadbury Caramel branding.

When it came to
that taste test this the bar ticked two major boxes....it tasted great and was satisfying. The sweet caramel tasted delicious with its sweet, buttery flavours immensely forthcoming. The caramel was just the right density... not too hard not too soft and when slightly chilled had a longing smooth truffle like texture. The chocolate of course chocolate being Dairy Milk was glorious and its creamy taste complimented the sticky filling ever so well.

Overall I can't quite describe how much I love this chocolate bar. It is in a word...Awesome and the is one of the all time British classics. If you love chocolate caramel combinations you seriosuly have to look no further.

9.4 out of 10