January 8th: M&M's Peanut

Kcal 232 Fat 12.1g Carbs 26.6g

I have to admit these had been hanging round my 'to review' pile for what seemed like forever before I finally got round to having them.

In terms of size and sustenance I thought they did relatively the same job as Peanut Butter M&Ms as they were a fulfilling snack. Taste wise it was a bit of a different story though and I thought they were no where near as tasty. Firstly I thought that the outer chocolate shells could have done with being far thicker, as the chocolate flavour hit was not truly ever delivered due to the outer shells dominating the initial taste which was almost entirely sugar led. I also wasn't all that impressed with the inner peanuts. Although they generated a decent amount of nutty flavour, they just didn't seem the most fresh tasting and lacked the full on crunch that I was expected. I would go as far as saying some of the nuts were a little soft which caused them to annoyingly stick in my teeth.

Overall these are a relatively sound product, though they are far from being my favourite M&Ms. Given the choice I would rather have many of the other variants from the range - including the original and peanut butter flavours. Worth a try if you like chocolate flavoured peanuts but there are surely better products out there.

7.2 out of 10