January 9th: Galaxy Ripple

*Update 18/08/10 - Added new photos.

Kcal 176 Fat 9.9g Carbs 19.9g

After having a rather large dinner the other day I was in the mood for a 'lighter' option chocolate snack and my desires led me to this Galaxy Ripple bar. On the wrapper it came described as 'milk chocolate with a folded & rippled milk chocolate centre' - it sounded simple enough.

In terms of size the bar was longer than most other chocolates but was far thinner and lighter feeling the hand. In totality it weighed 33.0g. On the eye the bar looked nice, but I was slightly annoyed how at how it crumbled everywhere when I tried to eat it - it reminded me of trying to eat a Cadbury Flake.

Despite my issues with getting the thing in my mouth, this still proved to be a very tasty bar. I'm a big fan of Galaxy so the chocolate itself was always going to be good - and it didnt let me down. The smooth melt and feel of the folded chocolate was nicely paired with a rich, creamy taste which was just plain delicous. Had I been a bit hungrier I think I would have wanted more, but the bar was perfect for just a small snack.

Overall the Galaxy Ripple isn't the the best bar in the world and wont challenge the upper tier of the Chocolate Mission, but it fitted a purpose and is a good tasty light choice if that is what you are after. I don't necessarilly think it is a must try product, but I wouldn't overlook completely.

7.2 out of 10