**** STARS & THEIR BARS ****

Ever wanted to know your stars favourite chocolate bars? Well wonder no longer ... via Twitter I have found out for you

Warning the following post contains Z-list celebrities.

Zoe Salmon (BBC BluePeter Presenter)

Vernon Kay (Channel 4 Tv Personality)

Michael Vaughan (ex-England Cricket captain - Ashes Series Winner 2005)

Phil Tuffnel aka 'Tuffers ' (BBC TV & TMS Radio personality - Ashes Loser .... alot of times)

Tony Hawk - Professional Skater

Tony Blackburn (TV & Radio Personality)

Malcom Ashton (BBC Radio Test Match Special Scorer)

Suzi Perry (TV Personality - Channel 5's Gadget Show)

Matt Horne (TV Personality - BBC 'Gavin and Stacey')

Keith Chegwin (TV Personality)

Katherine Jenkins (Welsh Opera Singer)

Jason Manford (Comedian)

Gail Porter (TV Personality)

Chesney Hawkes (Former Popstar ... can be found in a Student Union near you!)

David Lloyd aka 'Bumble' (Sky Sports Cricket Commentator)

Andi Peters (TV Personality)

Alan Davies (TV Personality)

Jonathan Agnew aka Aggers (BBC Radion Test Match Special Commentator)