February 10th: Mars Delight / Galaxy Senzi

Kcal 222 Fat 13.4g

***UPDATE*** 11/03/2010 ****

Special thanks to ChocolateMission reader Alan who sent me this Galaxy Senzi bar which is pictured above. Galaxy Senzi is simply the name given to the Mars Delight in the Middle East. I personally didn't think that it tasted any different - has anyone else tried one of these bars!? I wonder why they made it part of the Galaxy range and not the Mars range in this region?? Let me know what you think.


I guess in a way this is Mars' answer to the Kinder Bueno. It's similar in that it is a milk chocolate coated wafer encasing a crème type filling. The only difference really is that this Mars Delight has a caramel creme, and the Kinder Bueno of course has a hazelnut flavoured creme.

The bar is divided in two already and dividing it up further wasn’t too hard or messy (always a bonus).

The mars chocolate was rather nice and although not being a wafer fan I thought it was surprisingly tasty as it had just a hint of honeycomb. The creme filling tasted creamy and had a slight tinge of sweet caramel. The size of the bar was about right - no complaints there.
Overall I would say this is on a par with the Kinder Bueno. I don't know if it will be everyones cup of tea as I could see not everyone enjoying the honeycomb wafer rather than a biscuit based one. Not quite challenging for the top 5 but I would still give it a try if I were you.

8.2 out of 10