February 11th: Divine Fairtrade Chocolate White

Kcal 243 Fat 13.6g Carbs 27.2g

I had never had any 'Divine' fairtrade products before so today I opted for the white 45g bar.

The bar was split into 6 substanstial generous chunks which all had slight groves across the top.

The bar was slightly fragrant of vanilla but had no real strong smell. The label read - 26% Cocoa solids with 'real vanilla'.
Sadly these proportions do not bring a strong flavour to the bar and it leaves the bar being rather tasteless. Some mouthfulls felt like actually chewing sawdust with no flavour whatsoever - which although is probably better than the sickly sweet sugar barrage you get with most white chocolate (Cadburys Dream). Ultimately it meant that this bar is rather boring and lifeless.

Overall I was really disappointed, not the worst but by no means the best white chocolate around - milkybar still leads the way for White chocolate.

5.9 out of 10