February 13th: Divine Fairtrade Chocolate Milk

Kcal 241 Fat 14.2g Carbs 25.5g

Despite the poor offering from the white chocolate Divine bar I decided to give the milk chocolate variant a try. Although this bar was not half as bad as the 'sawdust-like' texture offering of the white bar, I still had some particular issues with it.

The packaging describes this as 'heavenly' chocolate which would suggests it should have something luxurious to distinguish itself. Unfortnately this element seems to be lacking somewhat and what you are left with is a distinctly average non descript chocolate bar that you would expect from an Own label supermarket chocolate.

Its by no mean offensive - just not 'heavenly' in any disciputure. The 26% cocoa is a fair indication that nothing special could be expected from this offering.

Overall you would expect more from a bar that has a price point of 80p; the fairtrade stamp dosent justify that alone.

7.1 out of 10