February 14th: Nestle Butterfinger

Kcal 270 Fat 11g Fat(sats) 6g Carbs 43g

This bar came described as a 'centre of peanut butter crunch coated in thick chocolate' - given my love for all things PB I was greatly anticipating it.

A £2 import later from the US and today this became a reality. In regards to appearance the bar looked very large but I didn't think much of the wrapper due to it's cheap plastic feel. Aroma wise the bar didn't smell as strongly as Reese's peanut butter products, but it smelt decent enough with it's mild nut scents.
As soon as I opened the plastic packet it was immediately apparent that the texture of the centre was very unique in that it looked almost wafer like in appearance. Annoyingly the chocolate flaked off when I bit into the bar and even worse it was completely insignificant when it came to the taste. To be honest I can;t actually recall the flavours it added, as they just got lost in the dominance of the inner peanut butter centre. The center tasted nothing like I was expecting ( which was a creamy smooth peanut butter experience), and only generated some very mild peanut butter flavours. Instead I found the taste was dominated by sugar, which wasn't all that surprising when I looked at the ingredients list of the wrapper. Indeed on closer inspection I found that the bar contained 43.0g worth of Carbs - 30.0g of which were pure sugar!

Overall I thought this bar was underwhelming to say the least, and I cant quite understand why it comes with such a cult following of people who think its utterly brilliant. Personally I thought it was a real disappointment - but I'm glad to have finally tried it. I don't expect I will be having this bar again in the near future and I wouldn't recommend it to my readers. Unlike I was predicting this doesn't trouble the top 5.

6.6 out of 10