February 15th: Guylian Orange Truffle Bar

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Carbs ???

This is bar is no longer in distribution so I waited until a choclate orange craving to try this.

As the people at Chocablog.com so duly noted when they reviewed this bar it does look amazing - the marble top finish makes it look ultra classy and the decorative sea shells make this look particularly stunning.

The bar itself is split into 4 segments each filled with a orange truffle creme encased in a dark chocolate coating. The taste matches the looks and despite the orange flavour not being quite as strong as one might hope, the chocolate is sublime and the truffle filling silky smooth.

Overall if these was mission to find the 'best looking bar' this would be winning hands down. Although not quite living up to highs of the Galaxy & Dairy Milk Caramel bars the taste is hardly disappointing either. One of the best I have tried so far. Good stuff from the people at Guylian.

8.5 out of 10
*Credit to www.chocoablog.com for the pictures