February 16th: Reese's Whipps

Kcal 230 Fat 9g Fat(sats) 6g Carbs 34g

On the wrapper this bar promises it constains 40% less fat than any other standard 50g chocolate bar…oh joy ;) Saying this the bar still contains 230 Kcal which is hardly the lowest your going to find...anyway...

This is much the same idea as Fast break bar which I reviewed last weekend, though there are a few slight differences. Firstly the nougat is peanut butter flavoured, secondly, instead of a thick layer of peanut butter sitting directly on top, the Whipps has a thin layer of PB running all the way round.

When it comes to taste it was similar style to the Fast Break, with the chocolate coating getting completely lost in the chewy nougat. Conversely the nougat had a far more distinct creamy nutty flavour which was far more flavoursome than its counterpart. The thin layer of peanut butter between the nougat and the chocolate coating did a nice job of keeping the centre stuck to the coating, however it failed in delivering a powerful flavour hit. The lacking of a peanut butter flavour burst was a tad disappointing and ultimately inhibited this bar from scoring higher on the rating system.

Overall the Whipps bar was surprising in that it was a more flavoursome product than the Fast break. Unfortunately it still lacked the real standout peanut butter delivery that was needed for it to be considered amongst the higher end of the scoring system. On a more positive slant it was still relatively tasty and did a decent enough job fulfilling my hunger. Importing it to the UK will be expensive, but it is probably worth a try if you are a real Reese's nut.

7.4 out of 10