February 17th: Cadbury Picnic

*** UPDATE *** 03/01/11

New wrapper added

Kcal 225 Fat 11.2g Carbs 27.1g

It is no exaggeration saying this bar has a bit of everything - peanuts, raisins, rice crispies and caramel all coated in Cadburys milk chocolate ... that enough for ya!?

As you can see above the bar is lumpy in appearance, as if it has been thrown together rather than being beautifully crafted. Suffice to say it wouldn't win any looks contests - in comparison to some of the Guylian bars I have been reviewing recently it does look rather embarrassing and cheap to say the least. Being a bit more positive about matters, the wrapper is at least quite exciting, and communicates the contents quite well. .

As uninspiring as the bar looked it is taste where it counts, but unfortunately the aesthetic appearance was quite insightful. The bar produced a wide range of flavours - some mouthfuls literally overwhelmed my tastebuds with nutty, fruity, caramelly flavours all coming through, however on the contrary some mouthfuls were rather dull and could be nothing more than described as chewy with little or no flavour (this was mostly where just the plain rice was involved!!).

Overall I have to say I have had nothing like the Cadburys Picnic before! Mouthfuls ranged from brilliant to mundane. This leaves me with the overriding feeling that with a bit of extra TLC and craft (and maybe the loss of the rice), this bar would benefit greatly and be better than the average rating it is getting. As I have said before as with the Cadburys Starbar...sometimes less is more.

6.2 out of 10