February 18th: Reese's Pieces

Kcal 220 Fat 11g Fat(sats) 6g Carbs 26g

Reese's Pieces have been around for many decade. They are most famous recently due to a clever product placement marketing ploy in the ET film in the early 90s which saw a massive surge in their popularity. These were another of my imports from America costing just over £1.20 in total and are currently not available in the UK.

Reese's pieces are none to dissimilar to smarties in appearance and size, though slightly smaller than the peanut butter M&Ms I reviewed in early January. These came in a handy 43g bag which was just the right amount; anymore and these probably would have been a little sickly.

The crispy outer shell compliments the peanut butter well; the lack of chocolate certainly makes sure the flavours aren't over complicated and the two flavour dynamic works well. One of my gripes with the Peanut Butter M&Ms was that the chocolate and sugar coating over powered the peanut butter taste but this is not the case with Reese's pieces and you are left with a strong aftertaste of peanut butter... YUM YUM!! :)

Overall a great product from Reese's which I highly recommend; more so than the Peanut Buttter M&Ms which you may have gathered. These have a pride of place in the top 5 at present.

9.0 out of 10