February 19th: Cadbury Wispa

Kcal 210 Fat 12.9g Fat(sats) 8.1g Carbs 25g

Though now technically out of distribution again, if you look hard enough Wispas can still be found hiding on shop shelves. Avoiding the relaunch hype I only recently tracked one of these down (today) and have some strong opinions on the bar after eating it.

For those who dont know Wispas have been replaced by the Cadburys bubbly...a bar which I reviewed just over a week ago. I felt the bubbly was a good bar but just lacked a real USP...I thought it was just airated chocolate...but good chocolate at that.

To think differently about Wispa would be...well...absolute madness as its exactly the same bar just packaged and formed slightly differently.

I know this view is a tad contreversial and many people will feel that im not doing it justice but nostalgic feelings aside this is just dairy milk chocolate with bubbles in....I must stress this is neither something that should change or be scoffed at.

The Wispa is good at what it does..it gives you that chocolate hit thats ever so nice whilst providing an intresting texture to boot. Apart from this though it does very little in establishing itself as 'something special'....which is exactly what we are looking for here at 'The Chocolate Mission'.

Overall the Wispa will always be a bar that provides us all with good nostalgic feelings about our childhood whislt at the same time giving us a good chocolate hit. However I think to say it is the best chocolate bar out there is an exaggeration. Don't get me wrong I think this is a great chocolate bar, but personally I believe there are better crafted and flavour blended chocolates out there on the market.

I have had quite alo of criticism for this review, I must stress these ratings are only my opinion! This means my POV may or may not be shared with others and is not a general concensous. It would be great to get some thoughts on this...so please comment away

8.2 out of 10