February 20th: Fry's Chocolate Cream

Kcal 210 Fat 7g Carbs 35g

This bar has a rich heritage and is considered an all time classic due it first being producded in the 1866 (thanks Alan :D ). Despite being branded as Fry's these bars are actually part of the Cadburys portfolio. The bar describes itself as dark chocolate with a fondant centre and weighs in at a hefty 50g.

The Chocolate is described as 'Dark' and is indeed a bit more bitter than your standard Milk chocolate. Unfortunately I found that it wasn't that distinctive, and eventually rather forgettable. The white fondant centre was extremely sickly as it tasted so so sweet. Honestly the fondant had a taste that I can only describe as sugary, which eventually became quite unpleasent after only a few mouthfulls.

Overall this is a bar I would really not reccommend - I have had so many better in the last few weeks and this has to go down as of the poorest. The chocolate is nothing special and the fondant centre is overly sweet and sickly. Probably best to avoid.

4.6 out of 10