February 22nd: Twix Java

Kcal 280 Fat 15g Fat(sats) 11g Carbs 36g

If your anything like me you like to start each morning with a black coffee to get the day off to a good start - for some its even a necessity.

Coffee in chocolate though??? Until now I would have been hard pushed to name any sort of coffee flavoured chocolate bar - let alone a good standard one. But don't worry the good people at Mars have saved the day in the form of the limited edition Twix Java. The Java replaces your conventional Twix caramel layer with a good lashing of coffee flavoured caramel. Similar to the Twix PB I reviewed earlier this month the bar does not have the standard Twix shortbread biscuit but has the 'cookie' base which is basically the same but just chocolate flavoured.

Before opening the bar I was a tad worried; I was expecting a strong aroma of Coffee but this was not the case. The bar had a slight sweet smell from the chocolate but that aside there no indication of coffee whatsoever. Upon biting into the bar this all changed and the coffee flavor comes through strongly against the delicious chocolate and cookie base. The coffee flavour is distinctive yet manages to remain sweet and not bitter like I think some people would expect it to. Simply delicious!

Its a hard decision but im going to rate this just below the Caramel bars which are currently winning on the chocolate mission. The reason for this is down to the chocolate. Although the coffee flavour is absolutely genious the chocolate coating isnt the best chocolate around - if this was a bar coated in Dairy Milk or Galaxy we would be having a new leader right now!

Overall this is a great tasting bar that I cant compliment enough; I urge you to get hold of one its that good. It takes pride of place in the top bars.

8.9 out of 10