February 25th: Green & Black's Butterscotch

Kcal 212 Fat 12.4g Fat(sats) 7.5g Carbs 21.4g

In the UK Green & Blacks are positioned as a brand that is a slightly premium offering to the likes of Cadbury, Galaxy etc. The wrappers have recently undergone a change to a more colourful representation (2010 update) so I will spare you my thoughts on the brown coloured horrid thing you see above. On the wrapper this bar came billed as 'milk chocolate with crunchy toffee pieces' which sounded like a wonderful proposition to me. For the purpose of this review I sampled this handy 35.0g serving bar that was split into several small squares. I consumed the bar over a single sitting alongside a nice cup of coffee.

Upon opening the bar I was met with a mixture of sweet cocoa and caramel scents that provided an alluring and realistic expectation of the taste to follow. Despite the toffee pieces spread throughout the bar still broke quite evenly - the mini sized blocks weren't perfect, but about two provided a comfortable mouthful.

The 34% milk chocolate was decent enough flavour wise and fast established a sweet concoction of milk and cocoa flavours in my mouth. It wasn't remarkable in any sense, but it was of a decent enough quality and allowed expression of the toffee pieces that dispersed throughout. Speaking of the butterscotch flavour integration, like the chocolate it was good yet unspectacular. The toffee pieces weren't all that visible to the naked eye but they certainly could be felt texture wise as they provided a crunchy element to each mouthful. The sweet caramel flavours were tasty, but were unfortunately short lived and they failed to leave a lasting flavour impression in my mouth.

Overall this was a nice tasting chocolate but it had a frustrating moreishness about that didn't leave me feeling at that satisfied. Green & Black's milk chocolate is no doubt of a slightly better than average quality, but at the same time I wouldn't say there is anything so special about that makes it stand out as offering significantly more taste wise for it to justify it's premium price. The butterscotch element to this bar was very taste, however compared to a toffee bar like the Daim bar it lacked the longevity and flavour impact to make it a truly special offering. I would happily have this bar again if I was offered, but I'm not too sure I would go out and buy it again so soon.

7.6 out of 10