February 27th: Hersheys with Almonds

Kcal 230 Fat 13.2g Fat(sats) 6.6g Carbs 21.4g

This is one of the very few Hershey's bars you can buy here in the UK, though as far as I am aware, packaging aside it is no different to its US equivalent. I did some further research and have actually found that currently this bar is out of distribution in the US at present, and is only available in Europe and Canada :S rather puzzling to say the least.

The bar came in a standard 40g serving. The bar divided up easily into ten handy chunks as you can see above. Upon opening the bar I did not get anything more than small sweet chocolate aroma that you would expect from opening any sort of chocolate bar - not slight smell of nuttyness; never a good sign.

The bar describes itself as 'creamy milk chocolate with Almonds' - and upon tasting the bar you could tell it was certainly different from your standard Hershey's chocolate. Although I understand standard Hershey's chocolate isn’t to everyone’s taste, unfortunately the different type they use in this bar is pretty poor. The chocolate is actually rather flavourless which is really quite a stark contrast to the uniqueness you normally experience in terms of taste with Hershey's. I would personally much prefer the standard Hershey's milk chocolate rather than this 'creamy' variant.

Moving onto the almonds in the bar I must unfortunately report these were also rather a disappointment. The almonds offered very little aside from a light crunch, and similar to the chocolate offered next to nothing in taste. Like most chocolate bars with almonds I cant help but feel it would have been more suitable using the more unique tasting hazelnuts.

Overall a bar you could certainly miss out on - it offers little in terms of strong flavours and it has to be said by Hershey's high standards this is rather poor.

5.0 out of 10