February 29th: Snickers Almond

Kcal 230 Fat 11g Fat(sats) 4g Carbs 32g

Its amazing how many more varieties of our favourite brands you get over the pond in the US and today I bring you yet another variant from the Snickers range. On the wrapper this bar comes described as 'nougat with caramel, whole almonds, covered in a milk chocolate coating'.

In terms of the packaging I liked how the Snickers branding was kept the main point of focus, and I was pleased with the creme colours that surrounded it, as it made it nicely differentiated from the Snickers norm. When I cut in to the bar the size of the almond pieces were noticeably large amongst the caramel, and I was met with a strong smell of nuts, which is always a good sign when opening a nut-flavoured bar.

Biting in to the bar, the chocolate coating was of course the first thing to register on the taste buds, and is fast established a decent amount of creamy cocoa flavours. Unlike most variants of Snickers, the nougat in this bar was not the dominating ingredient. As the picture shows above the nougat layer was actually rather thin in comparison to the standard Snickers. To be honest this was really quite fortunate, as the taste of the nougat was forgettable in almost ever sense. Fortunately this bar really came into it's own in the caramel and whole almonds layer, which was spread generously above the nougat. The caramel was sweet and buttery in taste, and contrasted nicely with the more savoury nuts. The almonds themselves benefitted hugely from being implemented whole instead of in a chopped fashion, as it helped them establish their mild nutty flavours in more concentrated fashion. Despite being slightly smaller than the standard Snickers, I thought this was decently sized snack, though it obviously wasn't quite as satisfying as the normal bar.

Overall I wouldn't ever make habit of buying this almond variant over my original Snickers bar, but this that is predominantly a consequence of my general preference of peanuts over almonds. Amongst the core constituents, the caramel, almond and chocolate elements of this bar were superb, with the only slight let down being the flavourless nougat. The poor quality nougat was a little puzzling given that Mars make the very tasty 3 Musketeers, but in the grand scheme of things it didn't really spoil the bar for me in any manner. If you look at the ChocolateMission leaderboard you will see that the original Snickers is amongst my all time favourites. I wouldn't say this Almond is quite as accomplished as that bar, but it is definitely a nice option to have if you something a little different.

8.4 out of 10