February 2nd: Hersheys Cookies n Chocolate

Kcal 230 Fat 12g Fat(sats) 7g Carbs 26g

I cant say I was especially looking forward to this but it certainly surprised me.

This bar was similar to the Cookies n Crème but instead had the standard Hersheys milk chocolate with cookie pieces. The chocolate was creamy and some of the better milk chocolate I have had recently; which is suprising for a mass producded bar.

The cookie bits were a nice added element to the chocolate and provided a nice crispy crunch.

This came in a 40g bar which was just the right size - it didnt get sickly like the cookie n creme. One thing to note is that this was a limited edition bar which is now out of distribution in the US.

Overall this was above all expectations and one of the best bars I have had recently; its definately worth its place in the upper tier of the Chocolate Mission stakes.
8.9 out of 10