February 5th: M&M's Crispy

Kcal 180 Carbs 22g Fat 9.3g

These came in a standard 43g bag, which proved to be quite a substantial portion. They are averagely priced at 65p and nutritionally they were pretty good ... better than your average chocolate snack anyway!

Unfortunately In regards to taste they were also quite average. The initial taste of the sugar coating wasn't overwhelming like many other sugar coated and and the chocolate flavour hit came through nicely despite the thiness of the layer. The rice though was disappointing in terms of flavours, and offered little aside from a mild malt like taste.

Overall compared to some of the other M&M variants these were reasonably bland tasting. The crispy rice centres were by no means bad, but they certainly weren't exciting. I for one would look to other M&M flavours before choosing these.

7.3 out of 10