February 6th: Twix PB

Kcal 280 Fat 17g Fat(sats) 8g Carbs 28g

The Twix PB comes described as 'a layer of peanut butter on top of chocolate cookie, covered in milk chocolate'. As a self proclaimed Twix addict this sounded pretty delicious to me, and giving away the game entirely I have to admit this so totally was.

UPDATE July 2010: This was a bar provided to me by my friends at Yankee Soda & Candy (See website HERE). In regards to the wrapper I have to say I really liked it. In my opinion the red and gold colours are wonderfully suited to the foil packet and the Twix branding has great standout on the pack. The bar itself wasn't half bad looking either. Replacing the standard layer of caramel, the peanut butter layer looked appetising with the contrasting colour tones from the golden PB to the darker cookie base very aesthetically striking.

Upon opening the foil wrapper I didn't get the same waft of peanut butter smell that I have experienced from Reese's products, but at the same time the chocolate and nut scents were still very tempting. Speaking of the peanut butter, in regards to taste it was similarly inferior to what you get in Reese's cups, but it was still pleasantly creamy and established a tasty set of salt and nut flavours with each mouthful. This combined with both the outer chocolate and cookie base layers provided a delightful set of variable textures, with the experience flowing nicely from biting in to the crunchy biscuit, to then leading nicely on to the melting chocolate and peanut butter constituents. Both the chocolate and cookie bases were nothing special flavour wise, however they did a fine job of delivering the desired chocolate flavour hit.

Overall this bar was not only one of the more interesting propositions I have tried on the ChocolateMission yet, but it was also one of the best tasting. Before tasting this bar I wasn't altogether that sure about the switch of shortbread biscuit to cookie base, but having tasted the bar I was more than happy with it. Comparing the quality of the peanut butter to Reese's there is only one winner (those guys at Hershey!), but the Twix PB wins out in terms of the quality of the chocolate. I'm not sure I would recommend this as an everyday bar due to it's extremely high nutritional values - (17g of fat is alot), but for the occasional indulgence I'm pretty sure every peanut butter lover would enjoy it. Twix and peanut butter lovers take note ... this is one that should be on your radar.

8.4 out of 10