February 7th: Nestle Caramac

Kcal 167 Fat 12.8g Fat(sats) 10.8g Carbs 26.9g

Described as a 'caramel flavoured bar' this wasn't your standard chocolate bar. Although I could in one sense see the resemblance to caramel in colour, it was actually more of a half way house between milk chocolate and white chocolate.

In regards to it's ingredients the bar was very high in sugar which meant it was exceedingly sweet in taste. The thin nature of the bar stopped thisfrom becoming such an issue and prevented it from being either sickly or over powering. I felt that the melt was nicely paced and despite the flavours mainly being sugar rooted I thought the taste had a very pleasant creaminess to it.

Overall this was a good alternative to your standard chocolate bar but not quite challenging the upper tier of the Chocolate Mission ranks. When it comes down to it, the bar does taste really quite nice with it's sugary creamy taste, though one slight let down is the size and I was admittedly left still feeling a little peckish.

8.1 out of 10