February 9th: Reese's Fast Break

Kcal 270 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 4.5g

The Reese's Fast Break comes described as 'a thickish layer of peanut butter placed on top of peanut butter flavoured nougat, with a coating of milk chocolate'. Due to it not being one of the few Reese's products distributed in the UK, I bought one of these at pretty high expense from an online American importer (it cost me a little over £1.00 I believe).

In regards to the packaging and presentation the product set reasonable expectations, though I thought the wrapper was a little dull. The secondary Fast Break branding was the thing that was lacking sparkle for me - in my opinion the pastel colours chosen were pretty passive, and didn't have great standout amongst the orange background. Inside the bar had more appeal than the outer wrapper - the layers of peanut butter, chocolate and nougat were nicely defined even though my bar did get a little squished in the post. In regards to aromas the product was pretty nice smelling, but the nutty aromas weren't as strong as I have experienced from other Reese's products.

As with most Reese's bars I have tried in the past, when it came to the taste test the chocolate proved to be pretty unspectacular. The melt of the chocolate was pretty laboured and waxy, whilst the milky cocoa flavours didn't taste all that fresh and were a little weak in comparison to other mass produced chocolates. The peanut butter layer was as expected pretty tasty bringing to the party the usual distinct Reese's cream and nut flavours. The nougat however was much less to my liking, as it was relatively tasteless and it's stodgy texture dominated the softer peanut butter. Although the nougat did make this a more fulfilling bar than your average market offering, the inbalance it caused to the taste was disappointing.

Overall this was a pretty disappointing offering from Reese's and I expected far more. The main gripe for me with this bar was the dominance of the nougat, which fundamentally hampered the delivery of the peanut butter in the taste. The best thing about Reese's product is always the peanut butter, so to have it limited in such a manner was never going to be a positive thing. in the grand scheme of Reese's other offerings I wouldn't overly recommend the Fast Break - they make far better bars.

6.2 out of 10