January 2nd: Cadburys Dairy Milk Double Choc

Kcal 220 Fat 10.9 Fat(sats) 6.5g Carbs 23.9

Contrary to the other reviews on the net I found this to be a really pleasant bar and would definitely have again in the future.

Freezing the bar made the chocolate flavoured gooey centre harden, making the centre quite truffle like.

I am huge fan of Dairy milk chocolate, and what with the pleasant truffle like filling I found this this to be a very enjoyable bar. My only gripes would be he difficulty in keeping this from melting during the day at work and the splitting of the bar before freezing...both quite difficult to do as the bar was near melting point at room temperature. This made it a particularly messy bar to eat.

Overall I would recommend this if your a fan of Cadbury Dairy Milk, it is one of my favourites from their range.

7.4 out of 10