January 31st: Cadbury Starbar


New wrapper added 02/01/2011

Kcal 260 Fat 14.8g Carbs 26g

The Cadbury Starbar is one of the oldest Cadburys bars on the market and comes described as choc nougat,peanuts and rice wrapped in layers of caramel and chocolate.

The bar itself is very substantial and weighs in at 53g. Not surprisingly it's not the best nutritionally, and is rather high in both fat calories.
Taste wise the bar was quite unique, but it did slightly remind me of the Cadburys Boost. Each mouthful started with a nice flavour hit of cadbury chocolate, with the sweet caramel following soon after. Lining the middle of the bar, the nougat was by far the dominant element in the taste, with the peanuts and rice cereal failing to register much of an impression.

Overall I thought this was a bit of disappointing chocolate, and it was one that wasn't all that much to my taste. Personally I didn't think the ingredients mixed all that well, and the nougat pretty much cancelled out the peanuts and rice cereal in the taste. Something that the Chocolate Mission is proving so far, is that sometimes less is more - what I mean by that is that I often found that the better bars are ones that concentrate on just having a single focus in their enhancing flavours. I guess it is still early days though, who knows what the future will bring.

6.0 out of 10