March 10th: Cadburys Double Decker

Kcal 275 Fat 11.3g Carbs 41g

I hadn't had a Double Decker for years but by popular demand and many requests today I bucked that trend and purchased one on my way to work.

The Double Decker is one of the bigger bars you will find in your local newsagents. It weighs in at a hefty 60g (slightly less than your average Snickers at 62.5g) - its interesting to note that although not the highest in fat per 100g in comparison to other bars it certainly packs a punch in Carbs; over 41g which I can tell you without looking will mostly be sugar.

Despite its size the bar was distinctly lacking in smell when opened. It had a faint sweet chocolately smell but that aside the lack of aroma was surprising and hardly whet the appetite.

The Double Decker consists of 3 main components: an outer layer coating of Cadburys Milk Chocolate, a thick layer of nougat and a crispy cereal like base. The Nougat is intresting, it has a flavour that it hard to pin down; it has a dominating chocolate flavour but with a hint of coffee. Unfortunately the flavour of the nougat is particularly sweet tasting and due to the sheer amount packed into the bar it was unsurprising that the taste became rather sickly by the end of the whole bar. Texture wise the nougat avoided being overly chewy and was quite light in comparison to other alternatives.

The outside coating of the bar is your typical great tasting Dairy Milk, unfortunately the thickness of the coating was not substantial enough and its flavour was quickly engulfed by the aforementioned plentiful nougat. This is something that Cadburys should really address.

The cereal base is where this bar really shines. It is absolutely delicious and is remarkably similar in taste to rice crispy cakes - you know the ones you used to make when you were little ;) The base provides a nice crunchy element to the bar and is fused well together by a small, but greatly proportioned helping of caramels. This ensures the layer doesn't simply crumble away but still avoided being overly sweet. This element of the bar could, and certainly should be applied to other parts of the Cadburys range; I could see this working particularly well replacing the wafer element in the Cadburys Picnic!

Overall a filling bar that just needs a slight adjustment in its ingredients proportions to make it a top 5 contender. The nougat for me is too dominant and makes the bar ever so slightly too sweet tasting by the time you have finished it. The soft nougat texture against the crisp cereal base works particularly well, and as mentioned above the cereal base element is certainly something that greatly helps this bar achieve a greater than average score. Its a story of nearly but not quite for the Double Decker...The Chocolate Mission continues :)

8.5 out of 10