March 11th: Duncans Original Hazelnut

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

This range is little known outside of Scotland but was reccomended to me by a reader of Chocolate Mission, so of course being the devoted man I am I immediately obliged and put some of their bars on order.

The bar I sampled today was the 'Original Hazelnut'; its simply milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts dispersed generously troughout. The bar came in a 58g serving split into 12 bite-sized blocks as shown above. Although the packaging is smart, it did as you can see above lack nutritional information which isnt the greatest advert - oh well.

The bar itself had a slight nutty smell - always a nice start with a bar with nuts in ;) The chunks broke away nicely despite the presence of whole hazelnuts and each chunk was equally proportioned - no mean feat when you are dealing with large chunks of whole nuts as experienced with other similar bars.

The chocolate itself was extremely creamy, it had a stong coca taste and genuinely tasted like a high standard chocolate you would find in the more specialist of chocolate outlets like Thorntons. The nuts also also had a pleasent taste; unlike in some bars I have tried where the nuts are glazed to give them a sweeter taste (Galaxy Promises Hazelnut) these were left natraul which allowed a organic nutty flavour to come through. The fact the hazelnuts are completely untampered with means generally they are found whole within the bar rather than chopped. Not only does this benefit the bar texture wise adding real crunch, but it also stops small annoying bits of nut getting stuck between your teeth.

Overall this is a great tasting bar and one of the better whole nut bars I have tasted. I would definately reccomend giving this bar a try if you enjoy nutty chocolate bars, this could be your new favourite chocolate bar...just remember where you read the review first ;) A decent score for a nice tasting chocolate bar, more from this range tommorow.

8.0 out of 10