March 12th: Duncans Ginger

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Following on from yesterdays Original Hazelnut bar from Duncans today I sampled another of their offerings - the 'Ginger' variant in their range.

Again this came in the form of a 58g and was split into 12 equal sized chunks, this is where the similarities stop though as the chocolate and more obviously the flavour differed.

Unlinke yesterday upon opening the aroma and subsequent flavour of the bar was all too apparent. The bar had a distinct ginger smell which was certainly more appertising than yesterdays less fragrent offering.

This bar uses 'plain' chocolate with 55% Cocoa solids instead of the milk variant as with the Hazelnut bar yesterday. The chocolate had a very rich taste yet moreish taste, Im not the greatest connisseur of plain/dark chocolate but this was amongst the finest I have ever tasted; I did also detect an undertone flavour similar to coffee, wether this was just my tastebuds or this was intentional im unsure. Do not be mistaken this chocolate is divine and definately some of the best tasted on chocolate mission thus far.

Despite the chocolate being delicous the strongest flavour of the bar is of course the ginger. Flavourwise the ginger tastes very natraul and not at all artifical like you find with some of the more obscure flavoured bars. The disperion of ginger is generous and even throghout, it is neither too intense or weak tasting - a god job done here by Duncans.

There is just one slight problem with this bar - and its the texture. The combination of the heavy coca laden chocolate and sometimes spicy flavoured ginger meant the bar became quite dry. At times the texture became almost grainy and dare I say it similar to the 'sawdust' like texture I found with the 'Divine Fairtrade White Chocolate'.

Overall theres no two ways about it this bar has some extraordinary flavours, the proportions of glorious chocolate and well proportioned intresting flavoured ginger is nothing short of superb. Unfortunately it is a combination of the two which brings about its downfall, as they both contribute towards the bar having a poor texture which to a degree ruins the experience. If you ever come across this bar I would definately urge you to give it a try - its a pleasent bar which is great if your looking for a chocolatey flavour hit that is different to the norm.

8.1 out of 10