March 13th: Toffee Crisp

Kcal 227 Fat 12.4g Carbs 27.4g

This bar has been amongst the most requested to be reviewed since Chocolate Mission started so it was about time I got round to it :)

The bar came in a 44g serving which felt surprisingly light, the bar in appearance is rather flat and is compromised of 3 main components; a thin coating of milk chocolate, a layer of chewy toffee and finally a base of crispy chocolate flavoured rice.

These three different components combine for a vastly ranging texture base which is certainly the unique selling point of the bar - it definitely differentiates it to others bars in the confectionery market and makes the experience a more interesting one.

Upon opening the bar I was greeted with a sweet smelling caramel like aroma, there was a small bit of toffee leakage but we can forgive that :)

Tastewise the bar is simply quite delicious. The chocolate coating is creamy and of a good standard but could definitely do with with being a great deal thicker, I cant help but feel if this was the case, the texture would also benefit more if there was a slight cracking feel to the chocolate as you bite into it. The toffee flavour is glorious and proportioned nicely in the bar its chewyness and sweet taste never becomes overpowering or sickly and Nestle have done a good job making sure an optimum amount is included. The Rice base also does its job rather well; it has a nice chocolate taste and is held together well through the use of a small proportion of toffee flavoured glaze.

My only disappointment with this bar aside from the thinness of the chocolate layer, was the fact that it simply didn't fill me up. I could have easily eaten another straight after - and although this is also a testament to how good it tastes, when compared to other bars in terms of hunger fulfilment this didn't quite do the job.

Overall this is a great tasting bar that deserves its good reputation. To reiterate, its only shortcomings come in the forms of the thinness of the chocolate and the lack of sustenance it provides. These minor issues overlooked and you are left with a flavour packed bar that has a really interesting variety of textures.

8.5 out of 10