March 14th: Cadburys Chomp

Kcal 110 Fat 4.7g Fat(sats) 2.6g Carbs 16g

Work seemed to be dragging for agessss today and sitting at my desk at 3pm my stomach was rumbling - Fast forward to 3.15pm and after a brief walk down to the staff shop, before I knew it I was surround by mini Cadbury Treats.

At the little cost of 15p the Chomp bar is a small snack sized bar (23g) that comprises of a layer of chewy caramel covered in Cadbury Chocolate. It's basically a Cadburys Curly Wurly..just not shaped as oddly. Opening the foil wrapper a nice Cadbury smell emanated and the small bar looked nice and smooth.

Biting into the bar I was met with a rather thickish layer of Cadbury chocolate (relative to it's size anyway). The Cadbury chocolate taste was like you would find in almost all Cadbury products - sweet but with a milky creamyness. It's nice to know that although the price and size of the bar is smaller, the same amount of care and quality is given to the chocolate. The chewy caramel was identical in taste to the one found in the Curly Wurly, in that it was nice blend of butter and sugar. Not only was it great tasting but it also had an interesting chewy texture.

Overall this bar did it's job, but I was still hungry after eating it. Unfortunately due to its size it wont satisfy any serious degree of hunger/chocolate pang, and that explains its slightly lower than average score. The Curly Wurly is not much bigger in size and its surprising there isn't a much larger version of this bar available. I'm sure it would be exceedingly popular if it were.

6.9 out of 10