March 16th: Cadbury Mini Eggs

***UPDATE*** 18.03.2010 ***

Cin over at Foodstufffinds has recently been investigating in to a potential recipe change for Cadbury Mini Eggs (See HERE). To help her out I went and bought a pack myself, and I have to say I agree with her findings.

My own observations are that Cadbury have somehow managed to make these taste even sweeter than before. I think that this is because the shells are even thicker than they used to be, making them even more dominant flavour wise. As you can tell from my review below I am no Mini Egg lover so I could well be wrong here!?

What do you guys think?? Have you noticed any differences?

Kcal 15 Fat 0.6g Fat(sats) 0.4 (per Mini Egg)

Similar to the famous Creme Egg, these are another seasonal Caburys product that only make an appearance around Easter time - good thing I picked some up today then.

Cadburys Mini Eggs are small sized solid chocolate eggs encased in a thin sugary shell. They look absolutely stunning and the colours as you can see above are very authentic and make them look particulalry individual.

Aswell as the sugary shells making them look impressive, they also add a nice crunch to the product and this plays off well against the solid chocolate. The solid chocolate centres were standard Cadbury quality, and offered the same sweet, creamy tasting goodness you get with all Cadburys Chocolate products.

Unfortunately despite the sugar shells really being the unique point of the product, they also brought about the products greatest problem. I found that after about ten mini eggs the taste of the sugary shells became more and more dominant. I found these Mini Eggs extremely sweet tasting, and at times overpowered the chocolate completely just leaving me with a very artificial sugar taste in my mouth.

Overall these are a pleasant product in moderation, but I find the taste quickly becomes monotonous and quite sickly. I would say these would be fine to have round the house/work place to enjoy when you fancy the odd nibble, but I cannot recommend these as being a 'great chocolate product'. I think that despite their strong roots with being seen as a classic Easter product there are better alternatives out there to be enjoyed this holiday season.

6.8 out of 10