March 17th: Galaxy Chocolate Caramel Egg

Kcal 190

The Easter Etravaganza continues with the egg version of Galaxy Caramel. The first thing that struck me about this egg was the pattern that was etched into the side of the egg - it was absolutely identical to the pattern on the Dairy Milk with Caramel egg, quite puzzling considering the obvious different manufactures - hmmm puzzling can anyone shed any light on this?

The similarities didn't end there, as this Galaxy egg was surprisingly exactly the same size and weight of its Cadburys equivalent. I ate the egg exactly the same method as the previously reviewed eggs - chilled, hollowed out and then the shell. The aroma of the egg was glorious and had the same sweet smell that was instantly recognisable from the ever so brilliant Galaxy Caramel bar (that currently jointly leads the Chocolate Mission table!!).

Biting into the egg it was quickly apparent that the caramel had become far thicker due to its chilled nature. It was actually rather solid and had sunk right to the bottom of the egg meaning that the top third was completely chocolate. It was also quite apparent that the amount of caramel in this egg was significantly less than in the Dairy Milk product. I couldn't help but feel a little let down by this - and that disappointment was compounded even more after eating it. Of course the egg tasted absolutely glorious - the chocolate was full of all Galaxy goodness and the caramel was smooth and full of flavour - spectacular and I can fault it little in this department. Unfortunately the egg also suffered from the same proportioning problems as the Dairy Milk with Caramel egg. The caramel sunk to one end of the egg meaning that one end had significantly more filling than the other - this wasn't unexpected but it still effected the overall product quality.

Overall there is no doubt this is one tasty egg that will certainly be enjoyed by who ever is lucky enough to indulge in one (or more :D) over Easter. Similarly to the Cadburys equivalent, in comparison with the bar format it is also available in, it does fall short as the proportioning is imbalanced due to its egg shape and its hunger fulfilment potential is not as great because of its size. The Cadburys Creme egg is still leading the way in the Easter Mission, but if you after a tasty caramel easter treat you can go little wrong with this Galaxy offering.

8.4 out of 10