March 18th: 3 Musketeers Mint

Kcal 150 Fat 5g Fat(sats) 3.5g Carbs 26g

Not wanting to deviate from my recent habit, I again indulged in another mid afternoon treat; this time I turned my attention to across the pond and helped myself to this little imported snack from the US - the 3 Musketeers with Mint and Dark Chocolate.

The 3 Musketeers with Mint came in a 35g serving split into two familiar shaped bars as shown above. The bar is relatively different to the original 3 Musketeers bar which I reviewed a few weeks back - not only in size but in build aswell.

The Milk chocolate coating has been replaced with a far darker more bitter Dark Chocolate alternative, its flavour was strong yet avoided being overpowering and definately suited the bar more due to charateristics of the centre im about to describe.

The centre of mint flavoured nougat retained the whippy soft texture of the original 3 Musketeers yet was certainly different in flavour. The mint flavour is an intresting concept and is certainly original interms of Im currently unaware of any other mint flavoured soft nougat bars on the market at present. Not only was the flavour original but it was actually quite refreshing and was sweet enough to finely balance agaisnt the slight bitterness of the chocolate. The mint flavour also provided a fantastic smell upon opening the bar and certainly gave a clear indication of what to expect interms of the taste.

Overall if your a fan of mint chocolate like I am, you can go very little wrong with this offering form Mars. The only slightly puzzling nature of the bar is natrually its size; it is only half the size of the original 3 Musketeers and if you are wanting something more substantial than just a tasty light bite you will be left disappointed (and hungry lol!). This small grumble aside this is one heck of a tasty bar and is a perfect cure for the mid afternoon/morning munchies. This bar comes highly reccommended.

8.2 out of 10