March 18th: Nestle Heaven Black Magic Egg

Kcal 146 Fat 9.0g Fats(sats) 5.5g Carbs 14.6g

Easter is fast approaching and todays offering from Nestle comes in the form of a spin off from the Nestle Heaven range.

Im not too familiar with the range but to my knowledge it is based around chocolate truffles which are avalible in bars and of course packs of individual truffles. This egg is billed as a 'Dark chocolate shell with a rich dark truffle centre'..sounds good in theory.

In size the egg was significantly smaller than the Cadburys/Galaxy eggs I have reviewed over the last couple of days weighing in at a rather small 28g. In design the egg had no pattern work at all and to my suprise rather easily straight down the centre of the egg from top to bottom with very little force - it was more than apparent that this egg is built fusing two halfs together rather than a egg shell filled -despite its relative unattractivness this did have its advantages though. A problem with the previously reviewed eggs was that the filling inside was ill proportioned and sunk to one end of the egg; this was not the case with this Black Heaven egg as the filling was half filled in one side and half in the other, this ensured a perfect balance of filling and shell with every bite.

Unfortunately despite its slightly fortunate design success its taste was rather disappointing. Despite the differences in texture in the shell and centre (one being crunchy and the other slightly smooth) there was no distinctive change in taste. The Dark chocolate was altogether rather sweet and sugary and did not have the slight bitterness you would expect and want from an egg offering a dark alternative to the rest of the market. This sweet taste although not overly disatisfying came across quite monotomous and paled in comparison to other Dark chocolate offerings I have had of late.

Overall the taste of this egg was ultimately disappointing in due to its small size really unfufilling. Although Nestle seemed to have solved the problem of the ill proportioned filling, this has been at cost to not only the asthetic appeal of the egg but also to the whole eating experience itself. The difficulty of eating the creme egg and equivalents is actually half the fun of the egg format itself - taking this away does indeed proportion the feeling and cause less mess but in all it does take something away from the fun of this format. The flavour with this egg was also quite monotomous and unless your a fan of the Nestle Heaven range I generally reccommend you look elsewhere this Easter - not overly disatisfying, just I think there's better out there.

6.9 out of 10