March 19th: Nestle Milkybar Shaker Egg

Kcal 110 Fat 6.2g Fat(sats) 3.9g Carbs 12g

Im yet to find a better white chocolate than Milkybar, so given the opportunity to review this Easters Milkybar egg offering from Neslte I was hardly going to be turning it down.

The egg is part of Neslte's unique 'Shaker' range which sees the traditional creme like filling found in most mini Easter products replaced with mini flavoured solid pieces - in this instance white chocoate flavoured rice puffs. The name is obviously dervied from the rattling noise that these small pieces cause as they shaken agaisnt the solid chocolate shell.

The egg had a sweet smelling vanilla like flavour typically found in most Milkybar products. I decided to eat this particular product by biting off the top of the egg empyting the contents and eating the rest of the shell whislt nibbling away at the rice pieces.

Tastewise this egg was delicous, The shell was thick and thoroughly enjoyable. The change of format did not have a profound change in the taste and it was much the same sweet vanilla type flavour I found with the Milkybar Chunky I reviewed in January. The puffed rice particles also added a nice texture to the mix, they were similar to rice crispies in density but had far more flavour and subsequently added a nice variaton in texture to the thick dense shell.

Overall this was a nice concept that was executed well by Nestle. Milkybar is a very popular product and it would have been all too easy to just release a Milkybar egg with some form of white chocolate creme, Nestle have introducded a new concept to the egg market by going agaisnt the grain and bringing something new to the table with the 'Shaker' concept. Tastewise your never going to go wrong withMilkybar and if your after something a little different this Easter I would recommend you give this a try.

8.0 out of 10