March 19th: Nestle Walnut Whip Vanilla

Kcal 174 Fat 8.9g Fat(sats) 4.9g Carbs 21.6g

Previously produced by Duncans these have been manafactured since 1910 - thats one hell of a history; surely this must mean this product is something special!? Walnut Whips have come in many different flavours over the years, it was to my great suprise I learnt that this vanilla flavour is currently the only variant in production.

The build of the Walnut Whip is unique yet simple: a very light fluffy whipped centre is encased in a cone shaped milk chocolate shell - topped off with a single walnut. Despite its rich heritage this actually came in a rather modern snazzy blue foil wrapper - personally I think they are missing a trick here and more a more traditional wrapper would suite the product more.

Moving onto more important aspects....the Walnut Whip lacked any distinct sort of smell: a faint sweet chocolate smell could be detected but there was little more than this. Upon tasting the product I was immediately disappointed; I decided to first eat the walnut so delicately placed ontop of the cone shape. To my disappointment (and more disgust!) the walnut tasted really rather stale and lacked any sort of taste worthwhile mentioning...not a good start.

The chocolate shell wasn't too bad - the chocolate was far from glorious yet hardly insulting; one thing that was rather pleasant about it was its relative thickness. The flavour of the 'Whip' is described a vanilla yet im still struggling to see where this flavour is adopted. The centre of the whip is nothing short of woeful! In texture I would say it can be likened to whipped cream, in regards to taste I would liken it to candy floss...pretty much 100% sugar. It really adds nothing more than a sickly taste - nothing even close to being vanilla flavoured at all.

Overall I cannot understand how this product has survived so long with other quality products readily available on the market. The Nestle website claims that a Walnut Whip in the UK is eaten every two minutes which is really quite remarkable considering I have had one and would probably never consider buying one again. This dosent come with a recommendation from the Chocolate Mission though I guess on balance I have had worse.

5.9 out of 10