March 1st: Mars Bar

Kcal 284 Fat 11.1g Carbs 43g

The Mars bar is arguably the best known chocolate bar in the UK and its amazing how long I have managed to progress through this project without reviewing it.

For those of you who have never sampled one of these delicacies the Mars bar incorporates a thick layer of chocolate flavour nougat covered with a generous lashing of caramel, coated in Milk Chocolate.

Near the beginning of the Chocolate Mission I reviewed Mars Planets in what turned out to be an under whelming experience. To be honest they were especially uninspiring and rather put me off reviewing the original bar but today I put that to one side and boy am I glad.

Upon opening the bar I was met with the sweet smell of sweet chocolate and caramel. It smelt absolutely delicious. You will know if you have read my previous reviews I like to divide my bars into bite size chunks so I can really sample the flavour of the bar - the mars bar divided beautifully and with such little mess...a great start indeed!

Taste wise, simply put it was sublime. The first flavour that struck me was the absolutely delicious sweet and creamy tasting chocolate. I was surprised that such a mass-produced bar had such high quality chocolate - this was probably the best I have tasted so far chocolate wise. The next flavour hit was the caramel, which was really quite pleasant as well. Its not quite there in standards of the Dairy Milk or Galaxy bar but its certainly close and does not get overly sweet and sickly (the trap most bars with caramel fall into).

The nougat is the final component of the bar and it doesn’t let it down. The nougat is very flavoursome and light compared to most other nougat bars; its only real competition in the nougat stakes is the 3 musketeers which is just as creamy and light.

Overall it’s understandable why the Mars bar is renowned for being one of the true greats in chocolate bars. In combines its three components brilliantly and together they form one amazingly moreish taste. This is definitely one of the best bars I have reviewed yet and definitely worthy of its place in the top 3.

9.3 out of 10