March 20th: Mars Egg

Kcal 166 Fat 8.6g Fat(sats) 6.9g

Aside from your Cadburys offerings this is pretty much the most readily avalible mini egg on the market this Easter.

This delightful little offering promised the prospect of a Mars bar all encompassed in one nice seasonal egg - this had all the promisings of being a real challenger for the creme egg crown.

The egg in size is slightly smaller than the Cadburys offerings this easter coming in at a pretty standard 33g. I am told this is slightly smaller than last years which used to at least be the equivalent size of the Cadburys Eggs.

I chilled the egg again slightly hoping that the caramel would solidify somewhat and not make a mess when I was eating it; after removing from the fridge and peeling off the nice looking foil I was pleased to be hit with a sweet smelling chocolatey caramel aroma - a good start. One thing I must again mention is the same familiar patterned oval shapes etched into the egg...exactly the same as the Cadburys egg..surely these eggs cant all be being producded in the same place!!?...someone care to clear this up?

Biting into the egg I was met with a whole host of different layers of filling. The Chocolate being from the fridge was crunchy and a equally delicous to the creamy chocolate that is synonomous with the original Mars bar...ok granted its not the greatest chocolate in the world but it is rather pleasent to say the least. The next flavour that was evident was the caramel - even though the egg was slightly chilled it wa still suprisingly runny and left a long trail coming from the egg with my initial bite...ohh the mess :D....the mess is insignificant though as the taste more than makes up for it smooth and full of flavour DE-LISH!

The last component of the egg is the nougat. The nougat found in this egg is brilliantly managed in both proportion and taste. It occupied one half of the inside of the egg . Although this meant it wasnt best spread it was correct in measure. The texture was far less chewy than the nougat found in the original Mars bars and was much smoother; I must say that I preffered this texture to the one found in the original bar as it meant it dominated the other flavours less.

Overall the only letdown with this bar is the unfortunate size change it has undergone. Why Mars have made the egg smaller I do not know- rather puzzling to say the least. In terms of taste this is definately on the same level as the Cadburys Creme Egg, its combination of good tasting chocolate, chewy caramel and smoother than normal nougat makes for a delicous balance of flavours. If it wernt for the fact I was left wanting another straight away I would rate this at least on the same level as the Creme egg; I would reccomend picking up some of these this Easter especially if your a fan of Mars bars.

8.7 out of 10
*Credit for the picture