March 21st: Kinder Suprise Egg

Kcal 120 Fat 7.0g

Anyone who had any form of childhood must have come across a Kinder Suprise at some point. For those of you that missed out altogether I can tell you that this chocolate egg is not only avalible at Easter but all year round. This is not your average chocolate egg..oh no...heres the hook...inside this hollow 20g treat lies a self assembly toy which will entertain anyone under the age of 5 for all a matter of minutes.

The egg is formed of two very thin layers, one of milk chocolate (outer layer as seen above) and one lighter coloured inside layer that is decribed as 'milk flavoured'.

As described above the egg is particularly thin and not in anyway substantial enough to cure any sort of hunger; because of this relatve thinness it means the egg offers very little in terms of texture and despite the smooth nature of the chocolate its particularly unexciting in terms of an eating experience.

Tastewise there really isnt much to shout about. Theres no actual distinguishable taste difference between the two layers which is overly worrying considering the differences in colour. The taste is sweet in flavour and lacks any sort of depth or distinguishable aspect.

Overall this really is a product that should be well left alone unless your under the age of ten years old. I can see why this is such a popular product with kids...I mean why wouldnt it be...its a toy and chocolate...sadly for those of us who have passed these precious years its best we stay we clear.

5.3 out of 10
*Credit for the picture