March 21st: Thorntons Praline Filled Egg

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

For those of you who were lucky enough to be viewing the site the other day when I posted up a link for a free Thorntons Easter egg and signed up for one you may want to read on as your going to enjoy reading this.

Before stumbling across the Thorntons offer the other day I had already purchased a few of these from my local shop for the grand total of 59p each; I couldnt resist as these looked great in their snazzy foil wrappers.

This Thorntons egg seemed almost identical in size to the Cadburys Eggs...dont hold me to this precisely but to me it seemed neither bigger or smaller. Unwrapping the egg from its foil wrapper I was immediately greeted with a nutty praline smell; it smelt absolutely stunning and it sort of brought a sense that this product was quite fresh and hadnt been lieing around a warehouse for months like maybe some of the other Easter products I have reviewed.

The egg is formed of two layers, a thick shell of milk chocolate with chopped nuts thrown in surrounding a plentiful centre of praline truffle.

The shell was glorious in taste - the chocolate was smooth and very creamy; the added chopped nuts to the mix was a pleasent suprise I wasnt expecting it added a slight crunch to the smoothness and in terms of flavour just a small subtle hint of nut. The Centre was equally as tasty - it had a full flavoured nuttyness to it however avoided being overpowering; very nice indeed. In texture it was firm yet velvety and had a real luxurious feel to it. As the truffle filling filled most of the egg there was no problem in proportioning and each mouthful was a nice balance of shell and truffle filling.

Overall if you were lucky enough to have signed up for a free on of these (which im guessing will be delivered to us all after Easter) your in for a real treat. This is an extremely tasty egg and definately an option worth considering if your neither a fan of the Cadburys or Mars eggs this Easter. Good work from the master of Choclatiering ;) It will be great to hear all your thoughts on it when yours come through the post.

8.7 out of 10