March 23rd: Nestle Rolo Egg

Kcal 176 Fat 8.4g Fat(sats) 4.9

Nestle certainly have been busy this Easter pumping out the different variations of mini eggs with several different branded variations. The Rolo egg is very similar to the Cadburys Dairy Milk with Caramel offering - both are 38g and both are packed full to the brim with their respected flavoured this case packed full of toffee.

Again I slightly chilled the egg so the toffee would solidify and be less messy; unfortunately upon opening I was greeted with a situation of toffee overspill and the toffee was literally bursting out a small gap in the top; I guess this gives you an idea of how packed this egg was. One thing to note is that although having more toffee in it than its Cadburys Caramel counterpart the shell was notably thinner.

The mess aside the smell of the toffee was quite alluring though the chocolate was rather scentless and offered very little.

Biting into the egg and the situation got an awful lot more messy. As I have said above the chocolate was quite thin and immediately cracked all over the place. Due to its slightly chilled nature the toffee remained firm and quite viscuous in texture.

Despite the sheer plentifulness of the toffee it does avoid being sickly and is very smooth in taste. Its flavour is rather unique and despite not quite reaching the heights of Cadburys/Galaxy caramel is a rather good alternative and is one that im sure any will enjoy. The chocolate due to its thin nature is rather lost in the flavour of the toffee - its not thick enough to really stamp its flavour on the tastebuds.

Overall this is one of the better Nestle mini eggs out this year. The toffee is plentiful and pleasent in taste though the chocolate is slightly lacking in constituants and flavour which is why it dosent quite hit the score of the better Easter products - a solid yet unspectacular choice for this Easter.

8.3 out of 10